Balancing Elemental Facial Therapies for Mid-winter Devitalized Skin (Boost Radiance + Deeply Hydrate)

Launching our first lux­u­ri­ous, solution-driven treatments that work to min­i­mize the effects of sea­sonal, lifestyle, dietary,
 hor­monal and envi­ron­men­tal change.


Skin is conditioned and refined. A calmer spirit is returned.


The Chinese Five Elements represents the concept of a supportive flow that spills into a state of constant balance and equilibrium.   This time of year brings us into the energetic shift and transition of winter to spring.  

With our busy lives we miss the observation of nature and a pattern of it’s expressions in how we all live in a greater unification of interconnectedness.

For this reason, we've integrated the key components needed for hydrated and radiant skin with proven balancing methods as Beauty Ecology GOES ELEMENTAL!  


Boosts Radiance  +  Hydrates Deeply

The Goal:
Lackluster Cellular Renewal for Deeper Hydration and Brighter Skin Radiance

The Result:
Increased cellular health and cell to cell communication for softer fine lines and revived clarity and glow.

Pricing & Facial Length Options:
60 Minute Organic Facial ($95)  or 20 Minute Elemental Express Facial ($30) 

Component 1
Evoq Youth Renewal 10X Seed Oil Remedy  

Signature Seed Oils
Organic Cold Press Red Raspberry, Cranberry, Black Cumin, Chia, Carrot Seed
**Clinical Results prove that our synergistic method creates a “power of 10” antioxidant free radical repair to the dermis - resulting in ten times more anti aging benefit of any single oil used when caring for your skin.

Component 2
French + Yellow Clay  

Yellow (Water's Elemental color) + Pure French Clay     
**Studies repute clay to reduce dryness, flakiness, improve clarity and aid in rejuvenation, detoxification and toning of the skin. 

Component 3
Botanical Phytonutrients    

Essential Oil Blend
**Studies prove that essential oils are oxygenators, making oxygen more available to tissues. Essential oils are free radical scavengers and go after areas of oxidation and the highest known source of antioxidants.

 Add-on Cupping Services for Cellular Respiration + Glow

Face & Body Cupping Add-on Services  

By increasing blood flow and circulation to the skin, your skin will regain its youthful appearance.  Results are seen and felt immediately.

Fact:  Lymph can only be activated by manipulation, breathing and movement.
Fact:  The results from 5 minutes of cupping is equivalent to 30 minutes of massage.

Facial Cupping  
*Add On Service to any Facial
Gently and intuitively vacuum cupping and light massage to the skin remove excess water retention (especially held under the eye and jowl area), to stimulate the normal flow of fluids and help remove energy blockages.  
Learn more HERE  

Upper Back Cupping  
20 Minutes (ideal between color process)
35 Minutes
De-stress with aromatic essential oils, chinese cupping, light massage and sound music to levetate daily tension and inner toxic stagnation from the lymphtic system.

 Learn more about Facial Cupping Services HERE. 

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5 Minute Quick Daily Detox Strategy (Shower Ritual)


Take five minutes tacked on to the end of your regular ol’ shower to support daily detoxification. 

Detox baths are great but…
As much as I wish I had the time to take a bath regularly, I simply don’t. Sunday is my bathing self-care ritual day, so during the week, grab your dry brush and jump in! 
Transform your shower into a detoxifying hydrotherapy practice. 

Quick & Simple Detox Shower

1. Grab a Dry Brush and stroke the body up towards the heart in smooth brushing motions to remove dead skin cells and pre-stimulate the lymphatic system. 

2. Hop in the shower!  
Alternative hot and cold temperatures stimulate the lymph by contracting and relaxing the lymph vessels, helping it to flow.

This is really critical since unlike the circulatory system, the lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump and so can become stagnant. 

Returning your inner-outer beauty to an inner-out GLOW. 


Hot + Cold  -  Simple Steps

Shower as usual with whatever temperature water you prefer
Turn the water temperature up slightly.  

Keep your body under the water, getting all parts wet, for 30 seconds.*

Turn the water temperature as cold as you can stand it. Again, keep your body under the water, getting all parts wet, for 30 seconds.*

Wash and Repeat 4 times.  



In a rough patch? Destress your State of Flow (deeper than you think)

As the mornings get brighter and we shift seasons - we stay on topic of elimination with GUIDED RITUALS to open and EXPORT  CHANNELS of TOXICITY and ENERGETIC STAGNANCY - at home and with new services at BE.

No matter a person's belief system, there are fundamental laws of nature and biological similarities we all share. 

Heal your winter hair and skin blues as we connect the dots on ancient principles with modern day solutions. 

Cool Weather Care for Skin Amid Winter

Is your hair and skin routine underperforming?  

Feeling a little undernourished — dry, chapped and dull?  

Mostly likely you’re skin is clogged up with dead cells and hair a bit dull and brittle -  even though you’re  soaking up moisture like a sponge!

Humidity levels drop off in the winter months causing drier air, which in turn, sucks more moisture from your skin, your largest organ. (Not good.)  

 Mid-winter Love with EVOQ
 Beauty Solutions

  Deep Penetrating Hair Mask

A deep, strengthening treatment mask for weekly use or for an urgent hair-therapist “on call”. Hair will feel hydrated and instantly de-frizzed. Our multi-tasking mask soothes scalp irritation and increases blood circulation, which leads to a healthier scalp for optimal longterm hair health.




Healing Hair Oil

Your modern "VO5 treatment," this ultra­-versatile, lightweight hair oil absorbs instantly, giving your hair a healthy, brilliant shine. Made with cold­-pressed fresh and organic oils, this rich elixir harnesses the power of Black Cumin, Rosemary, and Carrot Seed oil to smooth frizz while protecting from damage.  


Sea Pearl Exfoliating Cleanser

A food grade Sea Pearl Brightening Exfoliator polishes the skin’s surface to lift away dead skin cells and smooth dry patches.

After exfoliation, our supercharged Youth Renewal Oil feeds cells with Omegas 3, 6, 7 & 9 to leave skin silky to the touch and glowing with health.



10X Youth Renewal Facial Serum

Cold-­pressed, organic fruit seed oils rank highest in omega antioxidants that create the “power of 10” anti­aging benefits. Infuse, protect and improve your skin from sensitivities, skin allergies, and environmental aging while enhancing cellular metabolic functions.


Another reason for dull skin, hair and spirit ...


You cannot see it, it slows during the winter and it's critical when it comes to supple, smooth and soft skin and overall stress and tension.  

 Mid-winter STATE OF FLOW ... 

 Journey through your inner terrain with a deeper look at the lymphatic system and how it's state of flow help's achieve better health and clearer skin.  

 How to Thrive in Energetic Winter

 Water is the element associated with the energetic season of Winter.

It hydrates and purifies. It’s a vehicle carrying nourishment to living things–plants, animals, humans. It can be hard or soft, gentle or powerful, flowing or standing still and stagnating.

Outside... looking in. 

Our skin and external beauty is a hologram of our innermost ecosystem.  Just like our earth’s ecosystem, it is an energetic self-regulating and self-sustaining wonderment.   

Keeping Your Lymphatic System Healthy

Often called the “River of Life,” the lymphatic system performs the vital function of removing excess fluid and waste, destroying pathogens, and delivering nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the body.

Poor lymph function is associated with chronic fatigue and cancer. Common symptoms of a sluggish lymph system can be fatigue, general body aches and pains, recurrent infections or illness and swollen glands. 

The lymphatic system has no pump to move lymph fluid through the body, so natural approaches can aid and improve the function of our lymphatic system. 

Dry Brushing for Healthy Lymph & Glowing Skin

Move your Lymph with this Easy Home Spa Ritual

Get the Tips and Tools by taking action with dry brushing HERE

Next we'll explore more in depth with modern holistic therapies we now provide at BE to continue to release toxic and energetic stagnancy.

 Skin is left conditioned and refined. A calmer spirit is returned.


Bio Lift + Real Results with Natalie (photo to prove it inside)

Daily, discerning women are turning towards pro and positive aging through self care and quality professionals that look at the whole picture.   

Read how local lifestyle writer, Natalie turned to Beauty Ecology's Bio Lift Facial services transformed the way she views and addresses mature, healthy aging. 

Natailie's Personal Perspective on Self + Care and Aging


 Natalie, Local Lifestyle Writer

Natalie, Local Lifestyle Writer

 "Foods, chemicals and toxins can all affect our hormone balances and therefore our moods and lives. I’ve wanted to find a way to maintain my appearance, but in a way that won’t harm my body.

Recently, I had my first organic facial and a bio lift, which stimulates cells and educates muscles using a variety of frequencies, basically tightening and lifting. As a 46-year-old woman, the words tighten and lift are music to my ears.

I realized that the cliché saying “age is a state of mind” is actually true. After my first facial and bio lift I felt great and it increased my confidence. I saw myself differently even though the change to my face was very subtle."

How do you feel about the process of aging? I’ve heard certain individuals say they embrace it and that they aren’t fighting it one bit. I’m not that individual. Truly, I wish I was someone who embraced wrinkles, and gray hair, but I’m not.

Now, there might be a point where I do embrace it. I love how my 86-year-old grandmother looks. She has beautiful white hair, an amazing smile and is always surrounded by young men at a party. Her name is Betty Webster and she lives on the Big Island of Hawaii. She recently became a Guinness Book of World Records holder for having the largest collection of novelty sunglasses in the world. She also still competes in hula competitions.

My grandmother has an incredible personality and love of fun. She still spends New Year’s Eve in Las Vegas, while I’m usually asleep by 10:30 p.m. I’ve learned a lot from her when it comes to truly living. I’m not a late night person, but I do rock an afternoon party.

My grandmother also takes good care o f herself and has for years, making regular trips to the “beauty parlor” as she still calls it. She has her own secrets to looking and feeling fabulous. A big one is she practices self-care. She puts the time in to take good care of herself mentally and physically.

Self-care is a concept I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. After going through my surgery and cancer scare a few months ago, I’ve been paying more attention to what I put in and on my body.

Foods, chemicals and toxins can all affect our hormone balances and therefore our moods and lives. I’ve wanted to find a way to maintain my appearance, but in a way that won’t harm my body.

Recently, I had my first organic facial and a bio lift, which stimulates cells and educates muscles using a variety of frequencies, basically tightening and lifting. As a 46-year-old woman, the words tighten and lift are music to my ears.

I realized that the cliché saying “age is a state of mind” is actually true. After my first facial and bio lift I felt great and it increased my confidence. I saw myself differently even though the change to my face was very subtle.

Taking the time to do something for myself, which made me feel good, but was also good for me was what I needed. Aging, wrinkles, gray hair, aren’t the culprits. Losing confidence and a zest for life, that is the culprit when it comes to aging.

Coloring my gray away and caring for my skin are things that I do to take care of myself. Having or not having wrinkles or gray hair is not what will make me happy. Feeling confident, working towards new goals, practicing self care, those are things that affect my quality of life.

Do n’t get me wrong, I’m not going to stop coloring my gray or getting bio lift facials. Through an organic experience, I’ve come to realize that these things are what I do for myself. When I do things for myself, I’m a happier, whole person.

What I’ve come to realize is I’m not fighting the aging process, I’m caring for myself. I’d like what I have to last another 50 years. That takes maintenance and self-care. I’m happy I’ve found a way to do it that is good for my body and also the environment. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll join my grandmother for a New Year’s Eve in Vegas.

You can follow Natalie Webster and more of her adventures at www.AdventuresWithNatalie. com.

Thank you to Lakeshore Media.  Find the full read HERE


Bleach Free Blonde Solutions

Welcome to the Next Generation of professional highlighting that sustains your hair health & brass free - beautiful tone. 

Beauty Ecology's evolved coloring system has lead the natural salon coloring technique and industry for over 12 years by integrating sea-based enzymes, premier quality European derived pigments combined with our unique Vivabond technology that encompass signature Forces of Nature for rebuilding and protecting the core layers of the hair for strength, shine and longevity.

The transformation is evident as our guests express their happiness and satisfaction on an investment leaving their hair far less damaged. 

Continually researching and exploring the 'best of the best'  coloring systems - I can honestly say I believe we have the BEST PERFORMING and SAFEST color solution on the market.   

More and more women are seeking to preserve the integrity of the hair, scalp and incredible color tones with healthier alternatives. 

A question often asked is - "do you use bleach?" 

Yes, there is no way around lifting hair color without a high lift lightening system to get to a desired brilliant blonde tone.  It's what you use, how you formulate and starting place of your hair's health that must be taken into consideration.  

The NEW Alternative to Bleach.

Your regular bleach highlights at BE have been swapped out for a safer solution with the newest high-lift player in town (literally).  

Get Better & Brighter Blonde with BE's Clay Based Enlightener

Keep your blonde with the most gentle and effective clay based  enlightening system combined with sea enzyme developers that give you extraordinary results and the most advanced care for healthy, beautiful hair.

Breakage over time is caused when peroxide developers and/or over-processing swells the cuticle until it bursts - with no return in sight. 

Clay, bleach and processing.


What goes UP - must come DOWN.  
Depositing color pigments brings dimension, while lifting melanin from the hair allows brightening.  

Mastering beautiful BLONDE hair is full of nuances, thoughtful formulating, color chemistry, and clear communication with a client.  

Come INTO THE LIGHT.  The key players and how they work. 

It takes 2 to tango.  Our hand blended sea enzymes apply far less pressure when under the cuticle layer, resulting in healthier hair and superior results.  

Your colorists at BE utilizes mineral rich natural clay, seed oils and amino acids that seamlessly encompasses the hair in a hard shell, to protect, locate melanin and lift efficiently.  

WHY Enzymes versus Hydrogen Peroxide

Enzymes are gentler than ordinary peroxides. When mixed with our pigments, the reaction allows lifting and depositing color with less damage so your end state results are rich in vibrant tone and last longer.  

More specifically....

Enzymes are much smaller in their molecular shape and size so there is far less pressure when adjusting the cuticle's layer and life (with NO bubbling or explosion), therefore they reduce pressure to the shaft and scalp.  Repetitive shock to the scalp can cause hair loss and scalp sensitivity, so this is very important.   

It's all about the pH.

The goal in depositing or lifting is a end result of fully closing down the cuticle, locking in the color so reds are brighter, browns are richer, and blondes are more vibrant. 

To preserve cuticle integrity -our color and clay is completely



  • ammonia
  • DEA 
  • PPD
  • dyes
  • sulfates
  • phthalates
  • gluten
  • parabens
  •  1,4-dioxane
  • neurotoxins
  • aluminum compounds
  • formaldehyde 
  • propylene glycol
  • carcinogens


Mineral Rich Clay Complex
Seaweed: like a protein + mineral rich shake for your hair, it infuses hair with health, strength and vitality
Argan Oil:  imparts softness with added moisture
Safflower Seed Oil: calms and soothes the scalp while strengthening hair follicles
Amino Acids: to protect, repair and re-strengthen cuticle
Guar: protects, calms, conditions and restructures the hair



Get Volume & Tousled Curl in 5 Minutes (hair hack)

Ok, I have to be honest - even coming from a gal that loves all things hair and it's artisanship - read on because when it comes to hair and getting ready for work in the morning  ... WE HEAR YA SISTA.  

By the time you've decided what to wear, grab your coffee in hand and put on what little makeup you can manage,  there is no room for FUSSING with A.M hair.  

Put down the dry shampoo, honey.   Until it's acceptable to leave the house looking like a wild animal (no, not your fabulous patterned J Crew ankle pants), Holly and the BE Team is here to deliver a BEAUTY LESSON (awesome quick hair hack).  

One of the most common styling questions I get as a stylist is how to create a sexy and tousled soft curl.  


Client:    Can you turn the chair around so I can see how you're curling my hair?
I can never get it to look like that!  
What size of curling iron do you use?"


Personally, I don’t recommend curling your hair with a flat iron to achieve the same look, because they never seem to turn out quite as full and 3rd degree burns are never necessary.

Best Tools: Use a  1.5 to 2 inch curling iron or a wand for curls as tousled and natural looking as these!

Let's break it down as our master stylist, Holly, gives you the deets on a 5 MINUTE DIY. 


Evoq Anti-aging Hair Essentials


Instantly thicken and create voluminous lifting for tired, thin or fine hair. Say “hello Farrah Fawcett,” style while synergistic nutrients of plumping Vit B­ complex, strengthening proteins, and decreased hair thinning extract of saw palmetto are delivered for everyday scalp health and follicle strength to stronger, thicker hair.

Thank you, Holly for the awesome hair tips!  

3 in 1 Control Natural Aerosol Hair Spray

Take control with this next generation 3 in 1 adjustable working spray, infused with youth-renewal protection while creating volume and detail. Sunflower Seed + Vitamin C shield UV damage and protect color, while amino acids and vitamins strengthen and condition for a luminous, lustrous style that is easy to brush-out for effortless restyling.

Spilling the bag of a health pro and the symptoms she sets women FREE of!

This is FUN.  

Take 2 as we SPILL THE BAG and uncover what a health pro's on-the-go essentials are.  

Learn more about Nichi, how we crossed paths again and the power of women in community!  

What Nichi is digging …  what’s in the BAG!

Being a busy mom and a business owner, I need to be super organized. I LOVE to carry this bag from Rough & Tumble (a sweet Etsy shop.) It's perfect for me because of the pockets inside.  As you can see from the photo, I'm a bags-in-a-bag kind of girl, and here's why it works:  My kids are 13, 9, and 17 months.  At any given time I may need a diaper + wipes, essential oils, toiletries, arnica pellets, a deck of cards, or ear buds to for a conference call.

Truly, though, my essentials boil down to these:

1.  A glass water bottle for hydration.  I'm such a crank if I'm thirsty.

2  My go=to essential oils.  I add them to my water, I use them to boost my energy or to get grounded. They are a must for my kids and I.

Everything else is in there Just.In.Case.

In her own words....

It was a joy to cross paths with Kassandra this late summer in Wayzata on beautiful Lake Minnetonka.  It's been 7+ years since we first met at a Functional Medicine NutritionTherapy training course. 

At that time I was publishing a local magazine called My Healthy Beginning, fast forward to 2017, I have three children and a women's focused practice in Long Lake.  

Nichi's Passion and Profession and how it benefits YOU. 
I have a strong passion built around Clinical Nutrition driven to get to the root of women's optimal wellness with Nutrition Response Testing which tests the body's response to it's 'missing links' and essential needs.    

Beyond Nutrition - My Healthy Beginnings - NOW.  
Our wellness practice offers acupuncture, home birth midwifery, childbirth education, birth & postpartum doula services, nutrition therapy and craniosacral therapy.

A list of common symptoms Nichi helps women to become free of...

We hope you make it to our first Well.BEing Event.  


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