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Fake it until you make it, or so they say. This might not be the best advice for someone trying to achieve success in the real world, but it is tremendous advice for achieving a golden summer glow. Here are our favorite product to keep skin bronzed, beautiful, and damage-free.

Kasia Organics Honey-Dip Sunless Tanner- this one-bottle wonder offers organic ingredients, and the best-smelling faux glow you could hope to find.

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Current Fall Trends to Try Today!


Bold Brows

Fiercely-browed Jennifer Connelly and Brooke Shields look-alikes of the world beware: This season you're getting some serious competition from celebs like Keira Knightly, and models at such sought after shows as Vera Wang and Marc Jacobs. So follow suit and embrace full natural brows. TIP: First, tweeze the arches of the brow to open up the eye. Then gently pluck the front and ends, removing only every other hair, for a soft lengthy look. This will give you a good cleanup without removing a lot of hair.

Sleek Straight Center Part

Contrasting this season’s oversized proportions in attire, when it comes to hair it’s all about a slick middle part. So take a cue from celebs like Selena Gomez and Jennifer Aniston, as well as the runways at Alexander Wang and Nicole Miller, by getting those locks under control and playing up the shine.

Tip:  Great shine starts in the shower, so treat your hair once a week with a moisturizing mask or oil.  Use Kasia Off the Fritz to maintain a sleek finish.


Wine Lips

Thanks to covetable fashion houses like Yves Saint Laurent and Gucci, as well as stylish celebs Emma Stone, Kate Bosworth, and Camilla Belle, merlot mouth is no longer just the result of drinking too many glasses of vino. So get in touch with the lush in you this season and go GRAPPA (with La Bella Donna Baci Baci lip stick/gloss in one!)

Tip: For those with smaller lips, avoid anything matte with grey undertones—go for a warmer shade to get the full-bodied effect.

Our team at Kasia Organics is ready to facilitate your Fall beauty transition!  Contact us at 612.824.7611

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