For Women. By Women.
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Our goal is to educate on how our female body works, how cannabinoids fit into this picture (it’s huge) and how to get rid of lingering chronic issues, and defuse the plethora (overwhelm) on the mighty google. Trust me, I know this process of understanding the latest rage of Cannabis can be frustrating and confusing.

That’s why we’re inviting you and a guest to join us for this exclusive women only round table event.


Please join us and gather round.

RSVP: March 31st @ 4pm

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Women + Stress & Cannabinoids

Whats CBD got to do with it? This month, we’re talking about the different cannabinoids and how effects women under stress

~ How CBD plays a regulatory role in the body’s stress response.

~ How the effects of modern-day stress affect our mind and body

~ What are cannabinoids, and how do they affect women’s health and how you feel?

~ How does THC differ from CBD and what about CBG, CBN, THCv and the rest?

~ How to find high-quality products that contain the cannabinoids you want?

If you are looking to know more about what is in cannabis and how it interacts with your body so you can identify what you need to feel better, this Gathering is for YOU.

Pioneering Modern Health & Beauty in Minnesota + Beyond.

Kassandra Kuehl started the first Organic Salon in Minnesota; Beauty Ecology and her exclusive hair, skin line and wellness Cannabinoid line with a simple idea: create alternative natural no-compromise services and products for the modern day women that shares the quality of life principles when it comes to non-toxic beauty and a functional medicine mindset. While your beauty is our focus, your wellness is our first priority.

Kassandra thrives on gathering women together and sharing content and information at large through writing and local events to contribute to lifting the boats on rising tides based on true, scientifically sound and innovative wellness solutions.

For questions about Hemp Therapies or if you’d like to be involved in future event, contact Kassandra HERE>>

“My goal is to formulate and provide the highest quality hemp ingredients to our customers at the highest level by strict practices in organic and regenerative farming techniques that nourish our bodies and help promote a sustainable agricultural future”
— Kassandra

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About Ellementa

Ellementa, Inc. is the fastest growing national cannabis network for women, now operating in over 45 cities across North America. The company partners with women in each city to host local educational Gatherings

The Trio Behind Ellementa
Ellementa was founded by three women from tech: Aliza Sherman, who started the first two woman-owned Internet companies; Melissa Pierce who launched the original luxury iPhone charging handbag; and Ashley Kingsley who built and sold Daily Deals for Moms in Denver.

"Women want better wellness options for themselves and their loved ones,” said Aliza Sherman, CEO of Ellementa. “Our company is the bridge between the savvy female consumer and trusted cannabis and wellness brands with products and services that can serve her needs.”

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