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Quality of life awakens our beauty. Although we may not obtain balance, it's the pursuit of self care and self worth. Being proactive in small day to day decisions bring about optimal health and beauty. We are a community of women who inspire beauty versus the beauty industry inspiring women.

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Nature births it. Science refines it. We deliver it. You experience it.

Our number one priority is your beauty, health, and overall wellness. We are no different than you - women want to feel good and look their best.

We’ve done the homework for you and have created an “ecosystem” of enhanced, signature services and products that have clinically proven work. 

Our experienced staff brings a holistic insight-to-out approach to address “missing links” we're unaware of such as hidden chemicals still causing reactions or hair loss - as well as  hormone imbalances that are impacting a recent adult acne breakout.

We use a combination of natural beauty and Functional Medicine approach to promote the best aesthetic results possible. Our experienced staff will provide you with an individualized, detailed skin and hair regimen regardless of your age, gender, skin type, or cosmetic concern.



Founder. Formulator. Informer. Creative Director, Addict of all things Hair, Skincare, Solution, and Women's Wellness. Our personalities and style give us the ability to say to the world, “this is who I am.” This statment is stronger when you FEEL GREAT and LOOK GREAT! We redirect women's focus of media-driven obsessions to be slim enough, young enough, pretty enough, or rich enough to realize they inherently ARE enough. BE.


Behind every world-class experience is backed by a team of passionate professionals who are in sync with each other and understand that YOU, the guest matters most. 


Artisan Hairstylist

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Vanessa is a vivacious, passionate and budding hairstylist that is not new to the industry.  Vanessa has grown up in the industry with her mother being a hairstylist and owning her salon.

As a textured hair gal, she loves nurturing and styling natural hair and educating the unique ways to keep it healthy.   

Aligned with the BE mission, she focuses on creating healthy hair that makes you feel your best through providing you the education and tips to recreate your favorite look at home.

No matter the style, shape, or color you’re after, she’s confident to find a realistic solution that will leave you smiling.


Artisan Hairstylist + Skin Care

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Mimi leaped when seeing Beauty Ecology’s mission match cohesively with her own in offering nothing less than an authentic client experience matched with high performance products.  

With 20+ years in the industry offering versatility and is a self proclaimed expert to working with curly hair (and how to use it to your advantage)!     

YES & Facials too!  Mimi is currently completing her education in aesthetics to be available to provide you with relaxing and tailored high touch facials at BE.



 Beautiful Health Skin Care Therapist

Kelssee's passion for skincare started in 1996 when she was diagnosed with Melanoma and wanted to learn more on skin health and factors that cause skin disease. Aveda Institute jumpstarted her career with advanced training and a primary focus on medical esthetics.   Aligned with Beauty Ecology's philosophy, her drive is to educate others on the importance of healthy skin and body care- inside and out.  

Her greatest satisfaction comes from the transformative process, soothing and restorative experience, and creating a skincare ritual that truly delivers. Her clients appreciate her detailed attention and passion for skin care. She is currently working on finishing up her degree in nursing with focus on nutrition and natural health.  Outside of being an Esthetician, She spends time with her beloved husband, two children, German Shepard Sandy and cat, Emily. 


Dr Chris Frykman

 DC, RN, Functional Medicine

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Vitamin Drip Functional Health & Beauty
IV Therapy

Minnesota's first Vitamindrip provider, a one-stop location providing intravenous therapies to nourish your mood, body, brains and beauty.

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