Professional Color Express Services

On the GO?
Good for your hair, health and wallet. 

Hand Blended + Personalized Color
Express Retouch Services

The Gist.   How’s it work?  

Leave it in our hands as we'll keep your color consistent, rich, on-tone and completely free of the chemicals, muck and mess at home.

You're Unique. So is your hair color.

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Antioxidant Rich ConditioningHair Color

NO Ammonia | PDD | MEA | Coal Tar | Gluten + 

Do I Qualify for a Color Express? 

When that “salt & pepper” [dang gray]  needs alittle extra coverage ?

Available to every lady, but ideal for the gal on the go or on a beauty budget - while not compromising the quality of color and sustaining the health of your locks and inner health.  

Ideal for: 

  • need a quick [every 3 week] maintenance touch-up between a regular 6 week retouch frequency
  • purchase box hair color but wants to reduce exposure to toxic substitutes & bathroom mess
  • budget budget budget [with no compromise to fabulous healthy color]
  • busy moms and business professionals with very limited time
  • last minute event or hot date

Scenarios + Examples - Sound like you?  

"I color often (too often)" 

You retouch every 6 weeks, but desire to have the gray around hair line and part line covered to get you by until your full 6 week retouch appointment.  


"OMG, I have a hair emergency (unexpected hot date or work trip)"

Perhaps you have a special event or a hot date and just need to tidy up the gray. 

Coverage Options & Pricing


Face Frame & Part Line

We’ll apply around the front hairline and main part-line.  



Full Root Retouch

Our colorist will apply a full root retouch covering the full scalp and gray exposure.  

The Process

 We apply the color and you relax and sit for 10 minutes under the dryer. (get our enzymes working - versus damaging hydrogen peroxide)



You depart from the salon processing for 10 minutes with heat. 
The color is left on for 45 minutes total, and you wash out at home (we provide a wrap around the hair line to contain the color).  


Option 2:


Our colorist shampoo's and conditions you out after a full process (35-40 minutes). 
ADD ON: There is a $5 backbar/time fee for a full process, shampoo and conditioning process.  

A-la-carte BLOW OUT ADD ON
 Face Frame Application + Part Line Only

Let your colorist know youll need *extra time to add a blow-dry. 

(This does not apply to full retouch and go. It would then be a regular retouch)


** You can also tap to the right and book with our handy beauty concierge. xo

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