We listen and partner with you to customize a signature color which meets your desires. 

We can create endless possibilities to reflect the best results for your one of a kind beauty. Our advanced hair color formula is partnered with plant enzymes (good-bye hydrogen peroxide) to give you long-lasting, complete gray coverage. While other hair color lines contain hidden or trace amounts of unsafe ingredients leading to chemical exposure, scalp irritation, and gradual hair loss, Beauty Ecology's hair color is 100% FREE of ammonia, gluten, ppd, and other unsafe ingredients. ----Our color multi-tasks as an intense, therapeutic treatment while you refresh! Fortified with our proprietary, naturally moisturizing VivaBond Youth Renewal Complex to hydrate and reduce damage. Your hair will be in better condition after the coloring service than before!


Maximum Hair Health in Minimal Time 

Stimulate + Strengthen + Accelerate to fuller and thicker hair!

Our certified hair-health team uses a safe Laser Light Therapy (LLT) and integrated health and beauty lifestyle suggestions that are completely customized for each individual. We work with a network of health professionals who are able to further evaluate our guest’s true underlying hair complexities, and bringing total body health. Looking for the underlying cause of hair loss or hair thinning is important, especially when you’re ready to take proactive steps for optimal healthy hair.  Our team takes a holistic and “Functional Medicine” approach to optimizing long-lasting returns and a reaching a beautiful health lifestyle. For instance, when a plant is sick or not  

doing well, you don’t paint it green; you look at the soil, amount of light it receives, water, and nutrients. This is exactly how we see the outcomes of our healthy hair treatments: It’s all about discovering the root cause of symptoms, treating the underlying need (inside and out), and pursuing balance.

Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) is designed to stimulate the scalp and hair follicles, improve hair’s thickness and fullness and stop and prevent hair loss. It’s a chemical-free way to get healthy hair.

Along with LLLT, our holistic, whole-body approach provides real results and 


helps in all areas of hair loss:

  • Foundational understanding of your hormonal balance
  • Address stress factors from daily life
  • Cutting edge Laser Hair Therapy technology
  • Re-balance scalp issues
  • Help reverse damage from chemotherapy
  • Increasing hair health and thickness

More than just genetically inherited pattern hair loss, women are susceptible to sudden hair loss triggered by hormonal imbalance, thyroid conditions, childbirth, a change in methods of contraception, and certain medications.


Natural ingredients, proven results.

Hair thinning and loss isn’t only a sign of getting older—often it can be internal imbalances caused by hormones, stress, chemical treatments, or nutrient deficiencies. Evoq offers the modern-day beauty a holistic, multifaceted hair wellness program that creates preventative and proactive solutions to hair thinning and loss.

Root Revival: Preventative and Proactive Solutions Our hair wellness products are clinically proven (and patented!) to work in as little as 30 days. 

Formulated for those experiencing temporary hair loss due to seasonal changes, medication, stress, pregnancy, or menopause/hormonal dysregulation, each product helps stimulate scalp micro-circulation to create a healthy environment for new growth, while providing essential nutrients to encourage reproduction, restructure, and improve thickness of the hair.


  • After only 10 days, instantly increases growth by 214%  (+118% for Minoxidil®)
  • Increase stem cell fibroblast activity by 25%
  • Re-launch growth phase (9% saw increase in anagen phase)
  • Decrease of skin irritation  by 21%  
  • Decreases fall out phase by 17%
  • Anti-hair thinning efficacy and satisfaction in 71%* of cases with 10,200 NEW hairs on average in just 3+ months

Email us at with any questions or for a personalized consultation with one of our beautiful health experts.


evoq offers a multi-faceted approach to maturing hair needs, providing solutions for rapid radiance, scalp nourishment, hydration, and long-term growth. Vivacious, healthy hair is accessible for every woman of every age with our natural, organic, deeply penetrating products. Professional-grade, clinically proven ingredients that give you the power of beautiful, awakened hair.

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