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Go from overwhelmed to co-creating a plan, mastering the basics of your beauty biology’s needs so you look fabulous and feel great.

365 days a year.

Professional  Hair & Scalp Health                          

Tailored treatments + Evoq rituals and styling products for an age-defying, luxurious, and incredible aromatic and sensory experience.


  • Enhance your at-home hair ritual with products made from wild-crafted, organic ingredients.
  •  Prevent damage with our years of professional experience, advanced research and powerful science.

  • Re-awaken the scalp for  thicker fuller with hair pro-growth ingredients in every formula.

  • Find solutions for common hair complaints: thinning, coarseness, unruly curls, dryness or dullness.


Anti-Aging Hair Color

Because you are brilliant, your hair color should be, too! 

  • Marine based enzyme therapy protects your cuticle so your color lasts longer.

  • 100% grey coverage without hydrogen peroxide or ammonia.

  • Marine algae infuse the cuticle with amino acids, antioxidants, and minerals with strength and regenerative vitality.



We know your time is valuable, and our highly active ingredients and effective treatments can target your problem areas in as little as 30 minutes. 

  •  Anti-aging massage techniques improve your immunity, stress and hormones.
  • High-touch facials use the most advanced technology that deliver instant results while being non-invasive.
  • Active ingredients include food-grade, sea miracles and cold-pressed extractions of natural stem cell botanicals.
  • Mask and skin nourishments are customized to your biorhythm and seasonal balancing needs.

Your Beauty Imprint

Take charge of your inner beauty biology and outer beauty ecosystem to see fast and beautiful results for your most beautiful hair and skin. Your hair and saliva are analyzed, and the results are used to create a blueprint that provides you with a beauty ritual tailored specifically to you. 

Balanced Health Affiliate, Beauty Ecology, brings you Beauty Imprint

  • There’s no one size fits all solution, so you’ll find out exactly what’s best for you.
  • Take the guesswork out of anti-aging solutions.
  • Based on your real biological age to help you look and live better by stimulating your body’s natural anti-aging powers.


“Finding Kassandra has truly changed my life! Her abundant knowledge of health and beauty alone is certainly worth the visit. Blessed with genuine compassion and superior listening skills, I find her recommendations to be helpful, current, relevant and inspiring. Her passion for education and research is equally matched by her desire to share it. I look forward to each visit and always appreciate being treated so warmly. My hair is returning to health! In the spirit of well-being, I suggest you schedule an appointment and experience your own positive results.” 

Erica B.


“BE has offered me the ability to receive chemically safe and natural hair color that lasts!  I am extremely sensitive to chemicals and appreciate that I can find a salon that offers the same perspective on health and beauty that I do.  Your staff is incredibly friendly, flexible and accommodating to my incredibly busy schedule.  Thank you for all that you do!”

Traditional Doctor of Naturopathy & Health Sciences

Christine S., D.PSc., Ph.D., ND, DMBM


“I visited Beauty Ecology for my first ever natural, ammonia-free (minus several other nasty chemicals!) hair color. From the moment I walked in I was warmly greeted and welcomed by the salon manager and then the owner, Kassandra. I am SO pleased with the results of my hair color! Kassandra gave me exactly what I wanted in terms of color and highlights, and her service and level of professionalism was across the board extraordinary! I love this salon's commitment to organic ingredients in their products. I highly recommend for both services and total hair and body care products----and, top notch customer care!”

Linda G.

Contact us and take the first steps guaranteed happy glowing skin and glamorous hair!  365 a year. 

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