Our passion is to bring you a “beautiful health lifestyle” through a NEW and NOW way of beauty that is simple, luxurious, modern and that is proven to work.---Empower yourself with knowledge and be the advocate to your health and beauty journey the best way possible.We suggest partnering with a qualified practitioner who will help you work through these factors to find answers. The Institute for Functional Medicine has a database of practitioners all over the world who are trained in functional medicine.


The average woman is exposed to more than 500 toxins per day via traditional cosmetics. This leads to hormone disruption, sensitivities, DNA damage, infertility, and an increased risk of breast cancer. Our small-batch line is safe, fresh, food grade, and protected through the darkest glass to protect the active ingredients that support rather than inhibit your body’s natural detox process.


Optimal aging never boils down to just one hormone. It’s about all of the key players: estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, DHEA, cortisol,thyroid--working in harmony. If one is off balance, your body and radiance are impacted, often causing hair loss, premature aging, weight gain, and fatigue. These conditions are reversible with proper nutrition, detoxification, and a balanced lifestyle.



Women often suffer from needed nutrient dense essential building blocks. This can lead to hair loss, depression, and dry skin. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and proteins can Increase cellular turnover and balance hormones. You are what you absorb, therefore, our magnesium and mineral rich bath soaks pass through the skin’s barrier to safely replenish and calm.



Cortisol is the master of all hormones—adequate cortisol function allows our bodies to respond to various stressors. Long-term elevated cortisol can lead to insulin and thyroid resistance, estrogen imbalance, progesterone deficiencies, and testosterone fluctuations which is a leading factor in thinning hair and dull skin. Evoq’s line helps balance cortisol levels, revealing youthful beauty.



Common issues such as unknown food or gluten sensitivities can create Inflammation in the GI tract which can affect the natural self healing gut-biome. This can lead to lack of nutrient absorption (leaky gut) causing other deficiencies, anxiety, hair loss, acne, bloating, headaches, and constipation.

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