Dr. Shamanie Haneca Bio

Dr. Shamanie Haneca knows the ingredients to a healthy life start with energy and hormone balance. Her passion and purpose is to relieve suffering and help people create health. She has over 15 years of clinical experience in Functional Medicine. She uses a Functional Medicine Approach and a coaching style that offers you problem specific, personalized  answers to your current health challenges. She uses a diverse array of Functional Medicine testing to give you objective data to map a course that will lead you back to health. She finds out why you body isn't functioning and then helps to identify those offenders that are getting in the way of your health. She also finds out what your body needs and helps you add these into your life with support and encouragement along the way. She wants you to know that it’s never too late to gain health and start over. She wants you to know it's possible to regain vitality. She addresses all areas of your life to set a plan that brings balance back to your life. She wants you to know that you can create health and live the life that was intended for you…a life of HEALTH, ENERGY and VITALITY. 

Dr. Chris Frykman Bio

Dr. Chris Frykman has been helping people to overcome pain, toxicity, and other health challenges for over 10 years at his private practice in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Transforming Chiropractic. He has consulted at other doctor's offices in MN and CO. Dr. Chris hosts intensive healing retreats with his partner, Dr. Shamanie Haneca, in beautiful Boulder County, Colorado. He specializes in Functional Medicine strategies and Brain and Gene based strategies to personalize and approach for each individual. We are all unique. By applying what we know about your current health, your health goals, your genetic make-up, as well as solid science-based approaches, Dr. Chris can guide you to YOUR vibrant potential

Why Beauty Ecology?

True beauty starts with inner health.  Radiant health gives us the energy to express our beauty in this world with energy and verve. I truly align with the Beauty Ecology philosophy and promote improving our "habitat" with exclusion of toxins in food, makeup, hair dye, air, body care products etc.  I fully believe and find empowerment in joining Kassandra with the huge emphasis of eliminating potential toxins and help people improve the way we detoxify the chemicals we are exposed to. That's why Beauty Ecology is a natural fit and partnership for my own needs, clients, friends and family. I love to come to a salon that focuses on Beauty from the inside out. Beauty Ecology is a conscious company with a heart for expression of beauty- naturally!


I use Kassie myself and have referred patients to her. The reason I appreciate Beauty Ecology is the attention to chemicals that the beauty industry are rife with. Everyone likes to look good. I know when I send someone to Kassie, she'll be happy with the aesthetic component and just as importantly for me, she won't be introduced to more toxic chemicals. As a doctor, it's important to first cause no harm. Katie can help.


Elite Offer

Offering Virtual Appointments  (clients all over the world). Special for Elite Members, receive a Stress Response Evaluation ($125 value) or a Total Health Scan ($195 value). Offer available for first time clients only.

Natural intervention using food, lifestyle, movement, stress response, nutrition and detox methods

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