toxic trio

The Top 3 ingredients damaging your hair ... and your health.  


PPD: or p-Phenylenediamine, the highest allergy rate, and the highest toxicity level out of all dyes used in hair coloring products.

PPD is used in 90% of hair dye products and has become a leading reason for frequent dermatologist visits.  Most often, women experience an "all of a sudden" reaction due to repetitive desensitization.

“So called PPD FREE? “  What to look for.

"PPD-free" formulas can contain trace amounts (3% rule) or host other toxins like benzenes and often replace some of the other potential toxins in hair color with natural ingredients. PPD/PTD toxicity and reaction rates are often measured by the amount used in a formula.  

  • p-Phenalundiamine (PPD) Highest reaction percentage

  • Toluene 2,5 diamine (PTD) Lower than PPD



While PPD is potentially harmful to your skin, Ammonia is additionally damaging to your hair.

Every permanent hair color needs an alkaline agent to work, but it doesn’t have to be ammonia.

Ammonia is used as an alkaline agent.  

What does an alkaline agent do?
It’s the component of the hair color that opens up cuticle so the dye can enter the hair shaft so the permanent color will work.

Hair Damage? YOU BET!   

Ammonia blows that cuticle open, so over time it is harder to close the cuticle after coloring (brass, dull and breakage).

In depth:

  • Constant exposure to fumes and skin contact can harm stylists over time and even shorten their careers

  • Causes itchy scalp during the color process

  • Aggressive, making it harder for the cuticle to close over time.

  • Hair takes on a damaged look over time as you continue to color it

  • It's corrosive and wears away your hair shaft

  • Wears down hair so it is more likely to break

**  “So called Ammonia FREE?”   Watch for very high levels of MONOETHANOLAMINE, which is much worse for your hair than traditional ammonia based dye.

How MEA degrades your hair over time?
While ammonia swells the cuticle and exits the hair as a gas (the level of molecules released into the hair give it it’s stronger odor), MEA remains in the hair strands, so the more you use it, the more it accumulates, causing less dye to penetrate the hair shaft and color to fade faster.

You’ll also need 10x the amount of MEA to be as effective as ammonia. So although all permanent hair dye can be damaging, the amount of MEA used makes it even more damaging than traditional ammonia.


Perhaps the most alarming component used in hair color and rated as a "level 8" within the EWG. 

How Resorcinol is damaging:
Resorcinol provides an inexpensive color coupler that oxidize with hydrogen peroxide to provide a permanent color effect. Also used as a anti-acne agent and fragrance ingredient.

It's tricky.
The word “resorcinol” refers to a chemical base (1,3-BENZENEDIOL), so there are several ingredients that may be used in cosmetics that has the word “resorcinol” in it.

Because of this, identifying the specific resorcinol ingredient that is toxic can be difficult. 

Overall Toxicity Effects:  Endocrine system disrupter, organ system toxicity, immunotoxicity, and hypothyroidism.

In depth.

  • Penetrates the skin and damage internal organs like the kidneys and liver.

  • Can cause acute and/or chronic heart rate changes, breathing changes, weakness, severe headache, nausea, vomiting and restlessness.

  • Clinical tests show it modifies the blood globules and chromosomes.

  • Associated with thyroid health

  • Central nervous system disturbances

What to look for:
1,3-benzenediol; 1,3benzenediol; 3-hydroxyphenol; ci developer 4; m-dihydroxybenzene; m-hydroquinone; m-phenylenediol; oxidation base 31; resorcin; 1,3-benzenediol; 1,3-dihydroxybenzene

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