Beauty Ecology Skin Therapy

It’s time for facials that fit into your schedule, healthier mindset, budget and your quality of life.  We believe it should be easy for you to put your best face forward.

The Foundation of Healthy Skin and Care

Women are turning back to skin professional to partner and set the foundation of a healthy skincare routine matched with health and lifestyle strategies.  

All treatments are tailored to each client’s particular needs.  Your time is valuable, so BE makes getting regular facials easy through facial length time and 'fit your budget' options to ensure you can always look and feel your best.

BE set FREE.  When a MINUS, makes a POSITIVE.   

We never use ANY petrochemicals, chemical preservatives, artificial ingredients, harsh acids or fillers. We consider them poisonous to our lives and yours.  Each formula is thoroughly researched, ethically sourced, and precisioned in our services and products that assure actives with a percentage that works and freshness that energetically rejuvenates your spirit. 

Our Evoq product line and therapies are clinically tested to work with your biology to reverse the signs of aging, prevent future damage, and deliver a young, healthy, luminous complexion.

Beauty Biology

Short and long term youthful skin happens with a focus on the integrity of your skin.  Your highly trained therapists understands the biology of the dermis to better support your skin’s fundamental needs. We are  not just covering up a problem. 

Your treatment will be reinforced at home with our owners meticulous evidence based skin line with the most up-to-date technology,  clinically proven, and efficient delivery systems to achieve quick results.

A New Way of Anti-Aging - Youth Renewal

Because your skin is treated at the cellular level - our clients experience permanent change and long term, timeless beauty by supporting the skin’s essential building blocks.

Foundation First

By enhancing immunity, reducing inflammation, promoting collagen production, improving cellular communication, and enhancing the effectiveness of your home ritual nutrients, you can approach your aging skin in an effective and evidence-based way.

Modern Problems -  Modern Solutions

Our team stays current and ahead of the new aggressors by directly addressing skin stressors.

Pollution, UV rays, free radicals, diet, hormonal changes, urbanization, overstimulation, smart phone squint, and more all attack your skin on a daily basis.

What’s Included
Each treatment is customized to your skin needs and hand-mixed on the spot. Your facial includes:

- Thorough consultation
- Deep cleanse
- Customized food-grade + elemental mask
- Facial massage
- Specific booster + moisturizer
- Organic UV sunblock

Your skin therapist will help you find the appropriate home ritual Evoq skin essentials to continue the results of the deeper work you’ve invested in.

 Signature Elemental & Seasonal Facials

Our therapist will incorporate re-balancing elemental components into your facial. These organic concentrates are extracted and consist of pure earth clays governed by the color and balancing property of the season to help regulate the inherent internal clock and the current season to help repair the damage and in turn, return your internal skin clock functions back to its balanced state.

Facial Treatment Pricing  


$30  Regular Enhancements
$45  Advanced Technology Enhancements    

This is an ideal starting point if you do not receive professional facials often.  If you’re beginning of your journey into specialized skincare or need a quick solution and are pressed for time but wish to maintain optimal skin health and radiance at a fraction of the cost.  

Ask your stylist about fitting this speed facial between your hair color process!  
Skin analysis, deep cleanse, mask and hydrator.

Discover our full SKIN MENU here.

Not sure what you need?
You can learn with your Skin Therapist to decide which is right for you.

Read more in depth about the enhancements here.







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