Rachel Tessalone & Paula Warford Bio

Paula warford & Rachel (warford) Tessalone discovered barre as they were living in new york city, and were immediately addicted to theunprecedented results they experienced, both physically and mentally, as a result of their barre practice. paula & her family made their move to wayzata in 2010 when she was pregnant with their fourth child, and to her dismay, could not find a traditional barre class in her area, much less the state. thinking she had made a horrible mistake moving somewhere without an authentic barre studio (gasp!!), Rachel came to the rescue, revealing her dream to open minnesota’s first traditional barre studio, and the barre was born. over four years later, wayzata + edina have welcomed us and our method into their amazing communities and fulfilled a dream that’s become so much more than a fitness studio. our studio focuses on overall wellness that goes beyond our studio walls - support our clients and welcoming them into our community of like-minded individuals. while in the studio, you target your muscles head-to-toe, working them to exhaustion, then stretching them out, creatingthe long, lean muscles that used to be reserved only for dancers. using your own body weight as resistance and the barre for balance creates a formula for a narrowed waistline, lifted butt, lean thighs and sculpted arms.


Why Beauty Ecology?

We try to be mindful to buy natural & organic for our families because we know of the huge impact that it has on their growing bodies, but often forget about ourselves! We are so excited that a local option to purchase natural and organic makeup and body products and to use organic products for our professional services has finally come to Wayzata! The facilities are gorgeous, the staff is incredibly informed and helpful and they are passionate about their mission- such a welcome addition to our Wayzata community!

Elite Offer

10% off single classes & class packages (excluding unlimited options; may not be combined with any other offers).

Call us at 952-473-0109

Email us at info@thebarrestudio.com



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