beauty ecology presents...

  Leading Conversations with Top Health & Beauty Experts

Modern Problems.  Modern Solutions.

Changing the way we thinkaddress and invest in health and beauty - one conversation at a time.



We have partnered with some of the best like-minded leaders in beauty, functional medicine, nutrition, aesthetics and complementary therapies to bring you informative evenings focused on your health and wellbeing.


  Details.   At each event, you recieve...


  • A keynote speaker
  • Support and resources
  • A breif Q&A session
  • Small bites & refreshment
  • BE Beauty Discounts!


Investment: Limited availability
Grab your VIP Seat!  Only $20 per person.

YOU are incredibly unique by your epigenetic gene code, environment, and time of life.  

Bring clarity, reduce overwhelm, and be empowered  with relevant  modern day solutions.  You'll also learn a little and meet people who share your interests.



Mark Your Calendar as we kick off our FIRST BE Leading Conversations Event as we TALK TOXINS.

BE Rejuvenated!    New Year, New You: 
The Detox Plan for Long term Success



Get Equipped with WHAT and HOW to Remove Hidden Chemicals In Your Home and Lifestyle To Get & Stay Healthy.


With Keynote Speaker: 
Nichi Hirsch Kuechle
 (Learn more below)

Kassandra and Jennifer will share takeaways from a Functional Medicine health and beauty viewpoint.

Meet the family...of experts!

 Mark Wolf - Chief Pharmacist

Mark Wolf - Chief Pharmacist

Focused on a more personal form of pharmacy care, Mark enjoys guiding patients to favorable outcomes through science-based approaches to their unique health needs. A graduate of the University of Minnesota School of Pharmacy in 1974, Mark has supported the health of Minneapolis and the surrounding communities for over 30 years.

 Danelle Wolf - Chief Health Strategist

Danelle Wolf - Chief Health Strategist

 Adam- Green Science

Adam- Green Science

For over 30 years, Danelle has cultivated a thriving, personal pharmacy experience. Developing tools to educate and engage patients in their optimal personal health. Danelle, EDFP, holds a BA from Hamline University in Education and Sociology, leading an active, healthy lifestyle, she remains devoted to the arts and adventure.

Steward of a science-based individualized health experience; Adam graduated with a BSc in Sustainability and Environmental Studies from The Evergreen State College, with a particular emphasis on integrative health, energy, and the environment. Ardent advocate of science, nature, nutrition, and adventure, Adam is a champion of sustainability and all that is good.


Face to face connection and dialogue is the single most powerful tool we have to fire neuropathways that make a lasting and deeper transformative difference in our lives.  

“Leading Conversations”  hosted by Beauty Ecology creates a space for real women to women modern day issue chats with leading experts  so we can  explore relevant information and the pro-action needed to evolve and lift up our spirits, mood, sagging skin - and our quality of life.

Constant information overload requires greater clarity - and it’s not about just checking off more tasks. It’s defined by how well we critically think with our minds, shift into action and interact and empower others.

With our individual DNA, a clear purpose and continual pursuits of quality of life and energy - we find our own rhythm of quiet confidence, wellness, outer beauty and inner joy.

Your Beautiful Health Imprint is rooted at our confident core and nurtured through awareness, personal “ah-ha’s,” refined clarity, action and ...relationship.  

Join a brilliant roundtable of dialogue in united minds - body, beauty and spirit.


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