Beauty Ecology is a leading innovator in health-conscious and solution based beauty

Our holistic and modern approach is rooted in BESPOKE Age Renewal products and services to delight and enhance your hair, skin and "quality of life -lifestyle.  

The result? 

BeSpoke Healthy and Brilliant Hair and Skin that enhances YOU - and makes people stand up and take notice.


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We've re-engineered YOUR hair color.  Experience a higher standard.

Love the skin you’re in.

Keep your skin ritual FRESH, ACTIVE with our  personalized Advanced Skin Health Facials.


Stop the thinning of stressed hair naturally with the newest thickening technology.  Naturally  get to healthier, thicker and fuller hair - FASTER.

Next Generation Hair and Beauty Solutions

Because conventional beauty products and services contain fillers, chemicals and other sub-optimal beauty enhancements …  our pro-team brings YOU our pure Forces of Nature to enhance your health and beauty from the inside-out latest technologies and clinically proven youth-renewal formulas and services for short and long term radiance.   


Create your own natural skin treatment, bursting with organic skin actives and youth-renewal ingredients. Our Mixology Experts will help you select the perfect blend for your own home-spa ritual. These thoughtful custom blends also make delightful gifts.


We are passionate about providing our clients with the most advanced arsenal of organic beauty offerings and services!  From ammonia and allergy free hair color to personalized organic facials, you will leave us feeling relaxed and refreshed.  We support the over 60% of women that experience thinning and dull hair with clinically tested, natural topical solutions and scalp laser technology.


Explore our collection of well-being product guides, resources, articles, and more from your home or on the go.  Access our network of professional partnerships with the leading functional medicine professionals, nutritionists, and wellness experts who exceed our rigorous criteria.



Evoq is a beauty company with roots in relevant science and empowering nature.

What does this mean exactly? What is empowering nature?

 Each ingredient in the Evoq line is specifically selected to reflect nature's perfect ability to heal and enhance your skin, hair, and body from the inside-out. Their natural, organic beauty products provide you with a personalized approach designed to awaken your natural beauty. Evoq addresses imbalances at their core so you can experience faster, long-term, radiant results and internal vitality.




"After finding I was allergic to my previous hair color, and being newly pregnant, I was very happy to find Beauty Ecology Organic Salon's safe alternative!  I'm so thankful that I no longer leave the salon with an itchy and burning scalp.  After seeing Kassandra, I am grateful for the hair care guidance and the color left my hair in such great condition!

Jennifer - Minneapolis, MN

"I used to be in the hair industry, so you might guess that I’m a bit picky about who does my hair. I choose to travel 45 miles out of my way to see Kassie Kuehl at Beauty Ecology. Why? Kassie always greets me with joy and uses her masterful skills and expertise, intertwining in a fabulous experience. She always leaves me with a great cut that looks super! And that’s not all! Kassie is a consummate professional, a leader in greening up the beauty experience for better health and well being."

Rosemary - White Bear Lake, MN

"Kassie truly cares about her clients and her knowledge of hair and skin care and overall health runs deep. I absolutely love the organic skin care and hair care products that she has developed with her chemists. Her salon is unpretentious and laid back. I am so happy to have discovered Beauty Ecology Organic Salon!"

Ruth - Minneapolis, MN

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