Story of how La Bella Donna Minerals came to be: was 1993 - Kathy and Nicole had totally different skin issues. Nicole who was in her late teens had cystic (hormonal) acne, with redness on light fair skin. She was into modeling at that time, all the thick coverage cosmetics were suffocating her skin.

Kathy was in her early 40's and loved the sun - the sun would give her Italian olive skin a beautiful color which no chemical makeup could compare - being lighter olive in color, she found that chemical foundations would turn on her leaving her skin- a pinkish tone and not true to color. She felt that sun was the best option giving her more even skin tone. The result- after years of exposure she had hyper pigmentation( Brown Spots, uneven skin tone) and dehydration ( skin lacking in h20) from all the Sun Damage.

"We wanted a quick fix to help all the issues, I did not want Nicole to have to go on accutane. I also wanted to keep her from scaring. Plus I wanted to be free of dark patches on my skin from sun exposure - we felt we could find a dermatologist to help heal our skin" They went to a well known dermatologist in the Los Angeles area who gave them a lesson they would never forget - he asked them to bring in everything they use on their face each day - all the skin care, but more importantly their cosmetics.

The next week they came back with all their products - he took out a calculator and started adding up every ingredient they put on their skin per day - he turned and said "do you know you put about 600-800 ingredients on your face per day - and all of these chemicals creating your skin issues as well as sensitizing your skin actually come from your cosmetics" he explained to them they are suffocating their skin - wax FD&C dyes, fillers are not allowing the skin to breathe – He explained to them "everything you place on your skin absorbs into the body." "Our skin is the largest breathing organ, women need to think about everything they put on their skin, because it goes into their body, into their blood stream, into their liver and builds up as other chemical ingredients do, they age you because they absorb the real collagen and hyaluronate our skin naturally creates, leaving it sagging and dry." As he said these words, Kathy and Nicole realized there was a huge need for a cosmetic product line that was "beneficial to the skin" ingredients like skin care, but coverage like a cosmetic. That's when La Bella Donna was formed. To aid in skin recovery from abrasive procedures by dermatologist and plastic surgeons. To teach women minerals are the best thing they can use for their skin.

When Kathy and Nicole researched what mineral cosmetics could provide to the skin, it was incredible. Four ingredients of pure minerals (Zinc Oxide, Titanium Oxide, Bismuth Oxicloride, Iron Oxide) could provide a full spectrum SPF coverage while remaining waterproof. "Women do not wash their face at 3 or 4pm and reapply their sun block like they should - that's why La Bella Donna minerals are so important, they provide a full SPF that lasts all day long until you take it off. You don't need to reapply because it does not absorb in to the skin like other lines that add a carrier as aloe, parabens or vitamin E - it stays on top of the skin by creating a protective barrier to keep out damaging rays of the sun and all the aging free radicals/pollutions in the air." With a full protection/healing barrier, why would you need anything else. "We don't recommend a setting spray over the minerals because that would dilute the true SPF you need to last all day long. It's about less ingredients means more to your skin - get your good ingredients in your skin care, allow La Bella Donna to seal everything in and fully protect/heal the skin." A totally different philosophy then all the other mineral lines on the market.

Plastic Surgeons, Dermatologists, Aestheticians and Spa Directors really understand the La Bella Donna philosophy. Which is why La Bella Donna has 500+ accounts over the USA and international locations. "We are about quality rather than quantity - we do not want to sell to beauty supplies or locations that don't understand how important training is to the success of our line. We believe in exclusivity and true support to every one of our accounts."

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