Spill the Bag

Spilling the bag of a health pro and the symptoms she sets women FREE of!

This is FUN.  

Take 2 as we SPILL THE BAG and uncover what a health pro's on-the-go essentials are.  

Learn more about Nichi, how we crossed paths again and the power of women in community!  

What Nichi is digging …  what’s in the BAG!

Being a busy mom and a business owner, I need to be super organized. I LOVE to carry this bag from Rough & Tumble (a sweet Etsy shop.) It's perfect for me because of the pockets inside.  As you can see from the photo, I'm a bags-in-a-bag kind of girl, and here's why it works:  My kids are 13, 9, and 17 months.  At any given time I may need a diaper + wipes, essential oils, toiletries, arnica pellets, a deck of cards, or ear buds to for a conference call.

Truly, though, my essentials boil down to these:

1.  A glass water bottle for hydration.  I'm such a crank if I'm thirsty.

2  My go=to essential oils.  I add them to my water, I use them to boost my energy or to get grounded. They are a must for my kids and I.

Everything else is in there Just.In.Case.

In her own words....

It was a joy to cross paths with Kassandra this late summer in Wayzata on beautiful Lake Minnetonka.  It's been 7+ years since we first met at a Functional Medicine NutritionTherapy training course. 

At that time I was publishing a local magazine called My Healthy Beginning, fast forward to 2017, I have three children and a women's focused practice in Long Lake.  

Nichi's Passion and Profession and how it benefits YOU. 
I have a strong passion built around Clinical Nutrition driven to get to the root of women's optimal wellness with Nutrition Response Testing which tests the body's response to it's 'missing links' and essential needs.    

Beyond Nutrition - My Healthy Beginnings - NOW.  
Our wellness practice offers acupuncture, home birth midwifery, childbirth education, birth & postpartum doula services, nutrition therapy and craniosacral therapy.

A list of common symptoms Nichi helps women to become free of...

We hope you make it to our first Well.BEing Event.  


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