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Call me crazy.

HERE, we start the healthy beauty blessings in great GRATITUDE to you.

Is this YOU?

Most women feel the frustration of

  • thinning hair

  • overly dry ends

  • lack of volume or body

  • color fadage

But WHY?

Due to the integrity of the stem cells deep within the scalp and follicle fabric. Which brings me to my passion - formulating and servicing you - to get to the root so you can have the positive results of….

  • fuller and thicker hair

  • sealed ends

  • more body and bounce

  • locked in color with more shine

There’s only one way there outside of internal health and that’s the right actives, in the right products, used consistently. So this holiday I am bringing you GOOD CHEER to both your hair and your bank account.



Here’s the BIG DEAL. You choose! 

BUY a 32oz VOLUME or REGROWTH SHAMPOO & get it’s better half (Conditioner) for FREE!



Buy ONE 32oz Shampoo for only $64

Get it's better half Conditioner for FREE!

Shampoo + Conditioner Value = $137

Let's do the math: [Total Savings $73 ]


Root Revival Regrowth

LIMITED SUPPLY. Act fast, we have sets of 12 for the Volume/Regrowth Shampoo and Conditioner.

TO PURCHASE: Simply EMAIL us the hair health set you prefer (Volume or Regrowth) and we will inform you with flexible ways to pay via a check, paypal and venmo. *Our 32oz size products are NOT currently on our website.


Committed to enriching your journey to healthy hair. xo

Rehab Hair & Now with the NEW Cor.Restore Service

Dry, brittle, dull and weak hair is about to be of the past.

Introducing our NEW.BE service

CØR restore. 
Repair | Rebuild | Protect | Prolong



Brilliant hair color starts with a clean and healthy canvas (your hair). It’s what gives you color longevity, shine and dimension to your color results.

Like a true colorist, I’ve changed my own color up and went from dark ash to cool bright blonde myself, which always brings ….. DAMAGE. No ma’am.

In fact, all ages of my clients have been brightening it up as of late. There are no hair rules in the winter. Have fun! I’ll make sure you get there in the healthiest way.

Social Proof | Bleach FREE | 100% Natural Hair Color


You can go BRIGHT BLONDE or better maintain RICH BRUNETTE hair color with CØR Restore.

This new in-salon restorative treatment uses an innovative blend of amino acids and organic nourishments to reconnect broken bonds and repair the damage to hair that has been compromised by chemical processing, heat styling, and mechanical abuse.

In depth:

  • Improves and maintains hair strength and integrity

  • Helps repair damage from frequent coloring and bleaching

  • Lessens breakage and helps the hair grow longer

  • Reduces split ends

  • Tames frizz and makes hair shiner, smoother, and more manageable

What it’s made of:

  • Arginine – Stimulates Hair Growth

  • Glycine – Slows Aging Process

  • Alanine – Helps Retain Color

  • Serine – Strengthens the Hair

  • Valine – Nourishes the Hair Fiber

  • Proline – Builds Collagen

  • Threonine – Provides Protein and Collagen

  • Isoleucine – Plumps and Fills the Hair

  • Histidine – Strengthens the Hair Shaft

  • Aspartic Acid – Conditions Strands

  • Sodium PCA – Preserves Moisture

  • Phenylalanine – Helps Prevent Fading

Q & A

What’s the difference between our Keratin Express + CØR Restore Service?

Different but both are just as valuable in maintaining the disulphide bonds within the hair structure. The difference is Cor.Restore is used during the color process. These bonds are normally broken down during the color process and can sometimes result in breakage and stretchy hair results mainly in high lift situations such as balayage, highlights or lift tints. It’s a must for anyone heading lighter, but just as powerful in tinting down.

Can I use the treatment if I am NOT coloring?

YES! From lightening, coloring to even using it as a stand-alone treatment, we can add it to a haircut or as a treatment by itself.

What is the cost?
$45: Includes treatment and blowout.

**SAVE 20% when you add to a color service ( only $36 )!

How Long does it take?

NO TIME, when you add to a hair color. As a separate treatment with a blowout or haircut, approximately 40 minutes.

Is this the same as OLAPLEX?

NO - but YES. The pursuit is the same in repairing the bonds in the cuticle.
But this is NOT Olaplex.

Here’s a shared explanation in understanding Olaplex Ingredients
According to the label, it contains the following:
Water (Aqua), Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, Propylene Glycol, Cetearyl Alcohol, Behentrimonium Methosulfate, Cetyl Alcohol, Phenoxyethanol, Glycerin, Hydroxyethyl Ethylcellulose, Stearamidopropyl Dimethylamine, Quaternium-91, Sodium Benzoate, Cetrimonium Methosulfate, Cetrimonium Chloride, Fragrance (Parfum), Polyquaternium-37, Tetrasodium EDTA, Butylphenyl Methylpropional, Etidronic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Phytantriol, Prunus Amygdalus Dulcis (Sweet Almond) Oil, Tocopheryl Acetate, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice, Panthenol, Simmondsia Chinensis (Jojoba) Seed Oil, Citric Acid, Potassium Sorbate.

According to sites like Truth In Aging,, and Paula’s Choice, the majority of the remaining ingredients constitute conditioning agents (propylene glycol, glycerin, hydroxyethyl ethylcellulose, stearamidopropyl dimethylamine, quaternium-91, cetrimonium methosulfate).
Others include emollients (cetearyl alcohol), preservatives (phenoxyethanol, sodium benzoate, tetrasodium EDTA), and cleansers (cetrimonium chloride).

At BE we always challenge the artificial norms of professional haircare with formulations that are both effective and gentle. Removing harsh chemicals wherever possible while including natural extracts and active minerals that deliver real benefits.

How does your hair color keep my hair healthier?
Our motto for over 2 centuries is : Start with healthiest color for inner-outer health.

100% FREE of Ammonia, PPD and Resorcinol!

  • PPD (p-Phenylenediamine) has been linked to bladder cancer, lung, kidney and nervous system disorders and severe allergic reactions

  • Resorcinol is classified by the European Union as harmful, irritant to eyes and skil and dangerous for the environment. It may also disrupt hormonal function, and lead to  hypothyroidism.

  • Ammonia can irritate the eyes, skin and respiratory system. It can also cause asthma and breathing difficulties.

Our components to help protect and boost hair health:

  • Illute (allows micro pigment to permeate and saturate hair with colour)

  • Kaolin (guards against colour fade and ensures colour stays locked)

  • Montmorillonite (nourishes the hair and scalp to improve hair and scalp condition)

  • Enjoy sunflower seed wax and sweet almond oil to further strengthen the hair and scalp.

READY? Whether you want to up-level your hair color, or put your locks through rehab. Allow us to personalize and help you.

Let your stylist know you’d like to ADD onto your upcoming color service! Perfect for looking your best for the holidays!

Fall Hair Tips & Trends

Fall hair trends are on the prowl - and our saloon chairs have been buzzing with brunette's and golden beauties already! 

This quick trend read is for all of you ladies that are not quite ready to bid your highlights goodbye.  

I suggest keeping your face light and bright while dosing down with rich brown behind and under to bring color into the face, plump up your cuticle and to usher in a season of soul renewal. 

FALL TRENDS |  BE Natural & Youth Renewal Hair Color


If you've followed our instagram stories this summer and caught me hitting the trail rides this summer on my favorite horse pal (Rebel) - then you'll get this is my all time fav!

Hats off and yeehaw to this beautiful image - as a horse lover, cowgirl and obsessive colorist and   - this photo says it best.  


Honestly want to tell her to SMILE, but for all intensive purposes, exposing this fabulous, soft approach to  winding down a blend of beige blonde and beige brunette.  


Much like my gal in the cowgirl hat, this technique is along the same lines.  Framing the face only is a strategic way to hide gray on your six week marathon, brighten the face and richen up the rest of the crown and crowd.  

Stay blonde.jpg

This lovely is a all-star on pinterest.  Many of my clients adore her bright blonde tenacity - as do I!   If you're a ash blonde to begin with, amping it up with our keratin - brass free - mineral clay is the way to go.   As fall comes near, throwing in a few icy brunettes makes the blonde pop even more.  



@beautyecology only offers the best of the BEST when it comes to color and quality.

 NO hidden chemicals, ammonia, ppd, or peroxide.  We rehab your hair and it just gets better - time after time...

 Email | | or Text  | 612-386-4044 |  to book your rich + healthy color!

Hair Bondage. Why frizz happens, and how to fix it.

| 2 Min Read |

Hey there - let's explore a little hair bondage, shall we?

As we enter the DOG DAYS of SUMMER and ponytail season comes to a close - there’s one hot topic that is not escaping my chair - and your hair!   

Hair Frizz

Your Hair’s Inner Workings

Your hair is made up of keratin.  These proteins are present in the middle layer of the cuticle and are susceptible to changing shape on a humid day.

Outside of Keratin, your hairs made up of 50% carbon, 21% oxygen, 17% nitrogen, 6% hydrogen, and 5% sulfur.   

Hair Bondage

Keratin proteins chemically bond together in two different ways.


Disulfide Bond:
Molecules on neighboring keratin strands can form a disulfide bond, in which two sulfur atoms are bonded together. These bonds are permanent and determine the hair’s strength.  They are NOT affected by the level of humidity in the air.

Hydrogen Bond:
The other type of bond represents the link between adjacent keratin proteins and is much weaker and temporary.  The are the bonds that shift by creating shape whether curly or blown out straight - as new ones are forming each time your hair gets wet and dries again.

Hair is porous and it cannot help but to absorb moisture when there is humidity in the air. So if humid air has much higher numbers of water molecules than dry air, a strand of hair can form much higher numbers of hydrogen bonds on a humid day.

This interaction is what causes the hair to fold back on itself at the molecular level at a greater rate.

Keeping Frizz at Bay

Hair that is dry and fragile from hard water, heating agents, or chemically based hair treatments, leave it particularly susceptible.

Keeping your hair well moisturized with the right amount of protein is key to helping avoid frizz. With that said, hair is extremely susceptible to hydrogen bonds and will occur to some level no matter how well you narrow in on this issue at hand.     

No matter what your frizz scale is, I’ll share 3 simple ways to improve your hair health and shine.


Get on the Keratin Express


This is a easy and quick fix.  At BE, we offer a keratin express treatment that takes no time at all and can be conveniently added to the end of a hair color.  We simply wash your locks of love and layer by layer add keratin - blow dry and flat iron to seal the deal (bonds). What you take out, but be put back in - it’s the root of healthy hair.  


Protect & Smooth Home Care

As a 20 year stylist, I swear by this key step. Anti-frizz products help the hair to withstand humid environments, retain keratin and moisture, while protecting it from UV and heat-activated styling tools.  Our Treat & Protect Spray prevents your locks from expanding and frizzing up in high humidity.

Seal the Deal for Everyday Shine

Ending your hair care routine with a quality serum is a key step in banishing frizz for the rest of the day.  BEWARE of excess silicones! Silicone is known to hover the top of the cuticle to prevent the outer lift of the hair scales (frizz), but it simultaneously pulls out your hair’s NMF (natural moisturizing factor) over time.  Quite the opposite of what you want to do.

Grant your mane a sleek glossy finish with our weightless argan oil and keratin infused glossing serum free of heavy silicones to prevent your hair from looking flat and oleaginous (oil) like.

So there you are - now GO MASTER THAT FRIZZ!   Here if you need us - email for any additional questions or to book an appointment!  




Two Quick Mid-summer Style Ideas [tutorial inside]

This summer has been pretty dang steamy. 
I hear ya (and every client that enters my chair)  ...

"Kassandra, my hair is SO DRY!" 

I'll clue you in on the why and how humidity zaps your locks later, but for now let's cool down with some quick mid-summer styles!

 [ The Top Knot Half Bun ]

top knot.jpg

The Half Bun is a easy way to style for any season and works great on chin length to collar length hair.   

It's especially great for that wash and go summer look!  It's best when the hair has a slight bend or wave to keep the look modern.  

This can work on second-day, late in the day or at the beach hair. 


Side-swept Braid ]


This is a great look for a fast early-morning style for work, an evening out or for a go-to style while at the beach or pool. 

Side swept braids are mostly reserved for longer hair lengths, certainly doable for a medium length side sweep. 

Shampoo and condition hair the night before and allow to air dry while sleeping to give your hair a un-tamed look.  

The tutorial may be a bit advanced, but it's a general tutorial for braiding hte bang area back and combining it with the longer mermaid braid. :) 

For hair left out, add a few bends and waves, perfect for this not-meant-to-be perfect style. 



STAY COOL!   xo Kassandra


Feel like cheating on your shampoo? Let's de-myth.

 You’ve heard it before:

"It’s important to switch up your hair products every so often."

Could it be true?

Should you break up with your shampoo?     Or just cheat on it from time to time...

Screen Shot 2018-05-16 at 11.07.59 AM.png

Don’t turn your back on your bottled bestie too fast!  

I want to put a halt on the misnomer that your hair builds a tolerance to a specific shampoo and/or conditioner. 

 It’s a myth that hair gets immune to your cleansing routine.

What is true, however, is that like any other beauty regimen, your hair products should change based on several factors, so let's review.

Before you toss your shampoo and conditioner, consider what the root of your needs are. 

Everyone’s hair is different— if you’re a curly girl, you should reach for a shampoo that helps with curl retention, while  giving great hydration.

A  repair shampoo and conditioner with more keratin is applicable after getting balayage highlights, or a volumising pro-hair growth shampoo if you experience temporary hair loss due to stress, low immunity or post pregnancy.  


But it’s not just your hair type that can be a determining factor for less-than-stellar strands. Perhaps your well water makes your strands go brass - I see this all the time. To counter the brass, flip the color wheel and reach for a violet shampoo. 

Your hair could also alter its response to products due to seasonal changes, a change in the water, swimming in chlorine, age or even a change in hormone levels.

When hair starts to thin or become brittle, it needs something that will help restore its intrinsic strength to help it appear fuller.  Formulas fortified with reparative proteins build up or mend the follicle that’s been damaged by heat, over-processing, or even intense medical treatments like chemotherapy or radiation.

Get sheen with dietary changes.

Eating essential fatty acids can give your hair that much-desired shine and gloss. When you get essential fatty acids from red meat or an avocado, you will see more shine and less of a need of repair treatments - over time.  


Untitled design (7).png

 Hair absolutely changes with age.

20s: Hair is at the peak of thickness and strength, with ample sebum and shine.

30s: A slight decline in sebum can cause hair to lose its natural luster.

40s: The diameter of the hair shaft begins to shrink, leaving hair thinner and more fragile. Plus a decline in melanin levels can lead to gray hair.

50s: Most women are 50% gray by the age of 50 due to a steep decline in melanin; follicles continue to shrink and leave hair thinner and even more fine.

60s: Nearly 40% of women experience a degree of hair loss. Hair often appears thin and lackluster.

A Solution + Tip.   

Regardless your Swap in a Clarifying Shampoo Twice a Month

When I start with a new client, I always recommend our Clarifying Scalp Remedy Shampoo. 


Our top selling gentle, yet deep clarifying treatment can get you out of your hair funk by removing buildup that’s developed over time from styling products or heavy silicone laden conditioners.

To review, you can't get immune to your shampoo.  It really comes back to the following factors: 

  • The overall health of your hair and scalp
  • The age and time of your life
  • Residues left behind such as silicones, excessive glycerin, etc. 
  • Seasonal shifts

I leave you with bringing it back to the true ROOT of THE ISSUE around hair health.   

After 20 years as a stylist, color educator and product formulator,  research and experience have shown me is that great hair starts with a healthy scalp - which determines the quality and condition of your hair and its ability to grow.

If you have any questions on what products are best for your locks - email me!

xo,  Kassandra  

Natural Hair Color's Most Common Questions & Misconceptions Debunked

If you’re unsure about what the best type of hair color is for you, we hope you can make a safe and smart decision by reading through these frequently asked questions.

Here you'll find more about our signature hair color technology and the top questions both industry wide and areas you may not be awaware of when choosing hair health + best color for longevity and shine. 


BE  Hair Color  
VivaBond Signature Complex


VivaBond is a hair-transformative breakthrough in formulation of science, technology, and nature. A unique harmony of encapsulated hair nourishing and rebuilding ingredients from Evoq’s Forces of Nature Seed, Sea, Sky and Stem strategy that penetrate inside the hair fiber creating the perfect long-lasting balance between health, performance and protection.

The Problem to Dull, Fading and Damaged Hair

Over time the hair’s outer layers crack and weaken, preventing healing treatments and color from penetrating the hair and expediting fading.

Enter Beauty Ecology’s Proprietary Youth-Renewal Vivabond Signature Complex

Experience your solution to weakening hair from damaging color, dehydration, UV exposure, aging, and everyday hair and scalp stress with Vivabond Youth Renewal Complex.

This potent restorative infusion rebuilds strength, balances, and protects your hair and scalp’s natural properties for visibly shinier, fuller, and healthier-looking hair.



How does the color work?

When we apply the color mixture to your hair, the alkalinity in the color opens the cuticle layer on your hair surface, and the dye pigments enter into your hair cortex. The alkalinity is also a reactive agent for the oxidation of the dye molecules while the developer provides the oxygenation. Once the dye pigments are oxidized, they expand and fuse with your natural hair structure, and the bond formed is permanent.


Why is your ammonia-free formula different from other brands?

While there may be more ammonia-free products, they may contain other harmful ingredients. Our formula uses the finest dye pigments in an ammonia-free and low alkalinity conditioning solution. Our goal is to keep your hair as healthy as possible. In addition to being ammonia-free, our formula is also free of PPD, resorcinol, gluten, phthalates, and chemical preservatives.


What is an alkaline agent and what does it do?

Alkalinity and acidity are measured by pH levels. A pH of 7 is neutral, and an alkaline agent has a pH balance above 7. In hair color formulas, alkaline agents are used to open your hair’s cuticle. Ammonia is the alkaline agent in color formulations.


Will I get complete coverage with your formula?

We’ll give you 100% full coverage every time - including gray coverage!


Is bleach used? Can you do you do highlights without using bleach?

With our formula’s ability to lighten up to five levels, we can replace bleach in over 95% of cases. We can lighten the whole or partial head for highlights, and the enlightener system is fortified with keratin. We’ll use the Vivabond Complex to strengthen and hydrate your hair after high lift applications. Keep in mind that there are some desired results that only bleach can achieve, so we still use “bleach” in some situations.


Is your hair color safe for my allergies?

Fortunately, by removing the compound PPD and other harsh ingredients, our color formula is safe if you have chemical sensitivities or allergic reactions. If you are highly sensitive and still concerned, we can do a 48-hour patch test to ensure the color is safe for you to use.


What is an allergic reaction?

An allergic reaction is your body’s response to either a harmful or harmless substance. If your body becomes sensitized to a substance, it can become an allergen. Always listen to your body and stop if something doesn’t feel right. You can become sensitized to substances over time, too.


Why are some people allergic to hair color?

Allergens can get into your body topically, like hair color. We’re not totally sure why some people react to things that other people don’t. Studies show that an abundance of internal stressors crosslink and cause an allergic response when a combination of toxins and chemicals get built up in your system.


Is this color formula Gluten Free?  
Yes! In addition to being gluten-free, our formula is also free of dyes, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, neurotoxins, aluminum compounds, formaldehyde donors, propylene glycol, DEA, and carcinogens.


Will coloring my hair damage it?

It’s true that your hair can be damaged by using hair color products that are high in ammonia and MEA and contain few conditioning ingredients. Ammonia can weaken your hair and strip the outer layer of each shaft. Many color formulas are now “ammonia free”. Our color formula has conditioning and the proprietary reparative complex, VivaBond, added in so we ensure your hair is healthier after the service than it was before.


I’m just starting to go gray. Is there a way to blend the gray into my natural color?

Yes! We have many strategic ways of coloring and foiling to help you in the transition for blending away gray for beautiful and natural looking results.


You say you have plant enzyme developers versus peroxide?  What does this mean?

We prefer plant enzyme developers because they are a gentler and safer alternative to regular peroxide products. Hydrogen peroxide has been used in hair color for a long time as the reactant agent that delivers the tones into your hair cuticle. Now, we can use plant enzyme developers to naturally accelerate chemical reactions to cut your hair color process time in half. The enzymes nourish, heal, and protect your scalp and hair, so you’ll leave us with soft, shiny, manageable, and luxurious hair.

Our mission at Beauty Ecology has always been to create formulations that are both gentle and effective—removing harsh chemicals and introducing natural elements that preserve the integrity of the hair and scalp. Anti-aging at it’s best!

I love my natural hair color. Can you make my natural hair color shinier?

If you’re looking to enhance your natural hair color, we can glaze your hair with a clear gloss to make your hair shinier. We also recommend our restorative hair mask by evoqbeauty to add health and moisture to your locks. We believe in getting to the “root” of the issue.


Is your hair color organic?

No, there is no such thing as organic permanent hair color on the market today. No professional hair color company currently has that certification, even if they put the word ORGANIC in the name of their company or the name of their brand, it is not considered *Organic.




If you thought sun exposure, stress and smoking were the only things to worry about when it comes to speeding up the ageing process - think again. Recent studies have also shown that there a number of foods that also contain the nasties that have the potential to boost the rate at which we wrinkle.

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