Spring Trends ...Barely There!

"Barely There....SPRING TRENDS!"

By Tina Christopoulos

#1 Beauty Trend: Just Peachy Fruity-hued shades made their way on to more than one runway show for spring. A great alternative to showstopping red, coral is the colour du jour for statement-making makeup.

#2 Beauty Trend: The No-Makeup Makeup Barely-there beauty reigned supreme on the spring runways, forecasting the season’s penchant toward naturally flawless complexions. But we’re not fooled; we know just how much work goes into creating this no-makeup makeup look. So start stocking up on those nude shades—you’ll need them!

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Baci Baci is a great LIP LUSH  option for when you want to wear a   lipstick but wanna take it down a notch on the conventional lip drying effects.   La Bella Donna Baci Baci Lip Sheer (we know,  a mouthful, for sure) is moisturizing combining a actual collagen and moisture retaining sodium hyaluronate.   SPRING INTO KISSABLE  results of added vitamin A and antioxidant vitamins E and C. There are also a useful botanicals.   Chamomile is full of bisabolol, making it a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

#1 Hair Trend: The Braidy Bunch When it comes to braids, runway hair gurus this season decided to break the mould. Whether tousled and uncombed or wet and messy, the classically feminine braid has been given an edge.

The Look Up, down or plaited, the new romantic looks have a more defined shape, with a grittier, slightly dishevelled feel. “This season one thing that stands out is the idea of ‘urban romance.’ It’s not romantic hair in the usual sense—shapes have an edge, and it’s worn up in a ponytail or a knot. The Look To develop the imperfectly perfect Grecian-inspired updo, Dunkin added a touch of disarray to structured braids for a modern twist. The asymmetrical pattern and haphazard positioning of the braids represents unique individualism and carefree youth.

#2 Hair Trend: Modern Goldilocks Whether Boho-inspired like at the John Patrick Organic show or carefully shaped à la Costello Tagliapietra, curls are soft, feminine and never appear too ”done” this season.

The Look The hair for the John Patrick Organic show is a modern, playful take on Bohemian chic. Smooth and shiny on top with lots of volume in the front, hair is pulled back into a barrette, adding a girly touch that is further enhanced by soft curls falling below the cheekbone. The Look Loosely inspired by the traditional rolls of the 40s and soft curls that rest just above the shoulder, Dunkin modernized this look by building added texture and shape. The vibe is soft and romantic, elegant yet playful.

#3 Hair Trend: Knotty Girls Ponies and knots were the style of choice during NY Fashion Week, offering the perfect complement to the textured fabrics and draping of spring’s fashion. So, next time your long-haired clients say they’re bored of the same old, take some inspiration from these anything-but-boring dos.

The Look This is a low, sleek ponytail adorned with a textured bouquet of waves—a play on smooth versus rough. Hair is sleek and groomed on each side of the head and through the ponytail, with a slightly rough, matte finish on top and elegant, textured waves pinned above the pony. The finished look is chic and contemporary with a bit of attitude. “This is an elegant alternative version of the ponytail—beautiful for evening,” says Beenders. The Look This is a sculpted, voluminous chignon with a textured, 6 in. wide, sheer black ribbon woven through the hair in a spontaneous and organic way. “The collection is rich with different textures and materials, so Jason and I worked together to create a hair look that plays with this idea,” says Gilbert. “It has a very girly yet edgy feel.” The Look To achieve this sumo-wrestler-meets-surfer look, Souleiman created a sleek, tight-to-the-head “Seven Samurai” ponytail. It’s sculpted on the top half with textured ends in a knot, while free-flowing, beachy waves are left down in back. Eva Scrivo created coloured extensions to add dimension and life and to help form the overall shape.

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