Your hair, your glory - thyroid function for lovelier locks

Our hair is our glory. Sadly however, about 40% of America’s women will experience hair loss. Often this is due to a decrease in the thyroid hormones that control the body's metabolic efficiency. When thyroid function is impaired you're likely to notice a range of symptoms from weight gain or loss, to lethargy and  restlessness, and of course degraded hair quality. As a stylist, and through my Functional Medicine research into thyroid conditions, I routinely recommend clients experiencing the unexplained onset of dry, coarse or easy tangled hair to have their thyroid hormone levels checked.

Once accurately diagnosed thyroid levels can be corrected with a combination of replacement therapy and careful nutritional attention. A good physician or naturopath practicing holistic medicine will prescribe you with thyroid replacement. Natural thyroid hormone replacement provides hormone bio-identical to that of humans, reducing the resistance and unwanted side effects sometimes experienced with synthetic replacements.

Good nutrition also goes a long way to ensuring healthy thyroid function. While some refined foods, wheat, dairy products, as well as caffeine can depress thyroid function, supplements can aid in improving body functions. Iodine is a vital component of a healthy thyroid, L-Tyrosine promotes healthy pituitary and adrenal glands, as well as a healthy thyroid. Saw Palmetto will strengthen your thyroid. Supplementing your diet with 250-500mg of Vitamin C each day will decrease inflammation and aid in immunity. 1,000mg of Calcium along with 200-600mg of Magnesium are contributors to the metabolic process. 400 IU of Vitamin E two times each day protects your heart. The Omega-3 fatty acids provide anti-inflammatory properties and promote the functioning of a healthy immune system.

Herbs are available in many forms and are readily available, but should be directed by a practitioner. Lemon Balm and Bugleweed will help return an overactive thyroid to normal. Lemon Balm will also hinder the hormones that stimulate the thyroid from binding.

It may take several steps to adjust and maintain your thyroid hormone levels. Insist that you are supplemented to your ideal level and you will see a return to better health and enjoy more vital, healthier hair. After all, it’s your glory.

Kassie Kuehl is a respected leader in, and advocate for, natural health and beauty care. The founder of Kasia natural line of skin care and stylist for Kasia Organic Salon, Kassie combines her experience as nutritionist and living foods educator with her ongoing Functional Medicine research to apply a whole of body “Beautiful Health’ approach to hair care and styling. She can be found at or 612 824 7611.

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