Done with the FISHY OIL? Kasia + News + "Inside Out" SEED Company Partner

Take a look INSIDE our partnering health antioxidant-rich supplemental line.

Below are quotes from a recent  interview with the Star Tribune, supporting IMV's future growth

Much like Kasia "Beautiful Health" products, we stand proud next to Local, IMV formulations made from nature's most potent sources of nutrients - fruit and herb seeds - Immuno-Viva's natural power cannot be disguised.

2 Reasons why Kasisa Organic Salon loves IMV:

Probiotic + :  delivers a robust blend of seven probiotics  WITH CRANBERRY SEED to Support urinary tract health! Candida, everyone?    =Reduce problematic skin conditions

Core :    "I dont like Fish Oil" Kassie...." Great!  It's not Fish Oil, NO PCB risk, and....Add shine and luster to hair and nails while you Fight free radicals and the effects of aging!

Kassie Keuhl, owner of Kasia Organic Salon in south Minneapolis, said she has used Immuno-Viva products herself and recommended them to clients for three years.

"It's a very very, very pure product," Keuhl said. "There are many benefits to the way they produce their products and the raw materials they use. They're a local company and they really are hitting the edge of what our bodies need as far as essential fatty acids and free radical damage support."

The company is working with retail partners to educate consumers on the benefits of its supplements -- and to persuade them to pay $50 for a bottle of its most powerful product, Core. Available both in liquid and capsule form, Core supports the immune system, heart health and a healthy inflammatory response. One tablespoon of the Core liquid has a health benefit equivalent to 8 pounds of raspberries, and 10 times the antioxidant levels of flax oil, the company says.


Did you know?

  • Topical skincare products address about 20% of your skin’s needs.
  • The other 80% comes from proper nutrition.

Immuno-Viva’s nutritional supplements help to heal and strengthen cellular membranes and protect cells’ internal structures. They work synergistically with Kasia Organic Skincare’s topical products to improve the health of skin, hair and nails.

Immuno-Viva® Core Oil and Core Capsules

Immuno-Viva Core’s rich Omega fatty acids and diverse blend of antioxidants help your body fight the aging process from the inside, and counteract many health problems associated with modern living. This potent formulation can help:

  • Add shine and luster to hair and nails
  • Fight free radicals and the effects of aging
  • Improve overall hair, nail and skin health
  • Improve heart health
  • Boost immune function

MORE Benefits:

* Immune System * Increases Natural Killer Cells * Trace Minerals * Super Carotinoid Antioxidant Activity * Over 200 x more effective than Aspirin for Inflammation

Immuno-Viva® Probiotic+

Good health begins with a balanced digestive system. Immuno-Viva Probiotic+ delivers a robust blend of seven probiotics, or “good flora,” balancing your system and enabling your body to efficiently absorb the nutrients your skin, hair and nails need to thrive. This specialized formulation can help:

  • Promote digestive balance
  • Improve immune function
  • Nourish skin, hair and nails
  • Support urinary tract health
  • Reduce problematic skin conditions

At Kasia Salon, we have noticed many positive skin changes under the influence of an essential fatty acid and gastro-intestinal supplementation.

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