"Go Nuts!" Join the NEW Kasia Multi-Purpose Revolution!

Kasia is not only a resource for beauty and cosmetics.

In always listening to our guests,  we are truly passionate in continuing to research and resourcing on chemical free, safe-- life giving, lifestyle products that are simple and investment worthy!

With many clients dealing with eczema/skin sensitivities, allergies, and others with simple interest in chemical free pursuit(s), we find  soap nuts provide us all of a great alternative!

Only within the past few years has the concept of a 100% natural, chemical free, biodegradable cleanser become conceivable to Americans.  The word is out and spreading fast... Everyone can use soapnuts; domestically, commercially, rural and in the city.

It's on supermarket shelves in Europe and it's cheaper than our chemical alternatives.

Why is it that the 'green' options cost us twice as much?

Not anymore! No more asking ourselves why we have to choose between environmentally-friendly products and putting food on our tables.

.....And it works!

Kasia So-berry Fresh Soapnuts are 100%:

* Pure and natural

* Chemical free

* Non allergenic (not a nut, really a berry)

* Antibacterial, antimicrobial, antifungal

* Biodegradable

* Beneficial to grey-water and septic systems

* Wild harvested (organic)

* Not tested on animals, vegan

* Easy to use

* Economical

* ...and most importantly, effective

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