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Things are getting HOT over here in the Kasia camp as we've moved into the SUMMER STYLING GROOVE!    Our HOTTEST is Hamadi Shea Spray and Shea Leave in for UV protection, MOIUSTURE, and bringing out that natural curl for the beach.

Also, some of you know Julie Tebben, a good friend, guest, and partner in Kasia's mission of what we call Beautiful Health. Look for our upcoming workshop on STRESS, HORMONES, TOXICITY...and WEIGHT LOSS!

Kasia represents a skin line that includes many natural and effective active ingredients that are meant to fight skin damage and re-build, which is a necessity and key to ensuring beautiful skin for years to come.  Fight the Crows, learn more below!

Kasia fit right in with the changes I have been making in my life over thepast few years to put better things both in and on my body.  The fact that Kasia skin care was so "clean" was a big deal to me, but the way the product worked sealed the deal for me! I started with the eye cream as I have always had dark circles under my eyes and was not happy with how deep my "smile lines" were at my eyes.  In a matter of a couple of weeks the dark circles were gone!  I am still on my first bottle (very economical!!) and I have noticed that my "smile lines" are not as deep as they once were!  I have recommended this fabulous eye cream to many of my friends after the great results I have seen using it twice a day.  -Susan E, Client

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Our next workshop will be on Monday, July 19th @ 6pm as we will talk about Hormones, Stress, and ...Weight Loss!


Q.  I keep reading about the importance of Vitamin D.  How much should I be taking and can I take too much?

The importance of Vitamin D is often overlooked.  We get Vitamin D from the sun, but for those of us who live in Minnesota and for those who use sunscreen regularly, you can be certain that your Vitamin D level is not high enough.  Current research has implicated Vitamin D deficiency as a factor in many forms of cancer, autoimmune disease, depression, osteoporosis and many other illnesses.  There is no way to know for certain if you are deficient unless you check .... Follow Julie's Answer HERE!

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Underlying cause of bags and dark circles and.. what causes wrinkles?

Mr. Golden Sun and Mr. Pollute, what have you done for me lately?

Research suggests that the sun is what causes wrinkles and 80% of all of the signs of aging and the other 20% of the signs of aging are caused by toxins and environmental damage.

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Free of artificial preservatives, parabens, or other harfmul ingredients, Kasia onCure takes the efficient, but safe approach to treating under-eye wrinkles and the other signs of aging.

The eye area is one of the first regions of the face to show the signs of ageing. The skin around the eyes is deprived of oil glands and is very delicate and that's why the skin doesn't have a protection against the environments influences and UV rays.

Other underlying cause of bags and dark circles is poorly circulating fluids due to weakening capillaries.  You can improve the strength of those capillaries, with the right nutrients internally, as well as applied directly in order to quickly get rid of wrinkles, bags and circles.

There is More!

To get rid of eye wrinkles, you also need to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin.  Kasia onCure delivers amino acid protein peptides that have been proven scientifically to help you do just that.


* Reduces dark circles, shadows and fine lines.

* Prevents puffiness and reduces eye bags.

* Reinforces firmness and tone.

Beneficial Ingredients

Prunus Armeniaca (apricot) Kernel Oil

Commonly referred to as Apricot Kernel Oil, this oil is pressed from the kernels of the Apricot fruit. It is rich in essential fatty acids, which are vital components of the human organism. As a result, this nourishing oil helps to replenish and rebuild the skin.

Borago Officinalis (borage) Seed Oil

Used to prevent aging and wrinkles by fighting dehydration and the loss of skin elasticity. Borage also stimulates skin cell regeneration and rejuvenation, and is rich in minerals and linoleic acid.

Butyrospermum Parkii (shea) Butter

Kasia chooses shea butter for it's unique fatty acid profile, which gives the ability to moisturize and retain the elasticity of the skin.


Chrysin is a naturally occurring flavone, extracted from the blue passion flower.  It promotes the elimination of blood originating pigments from under the eyes. Chrysin eliminates the by-products of hemoglobin degradation, which aids in reducing the appearance of dark under eye circles.

Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-3

Kasia trusts this protein will bring direct action to noticeably reduce under eye puffiness in four weeks. This product is clinically proven to help correct poor drainage by increasing the lymphatic exchange and achieving proper circulation of the extra cellular fluids. This powerful peptide counteracts skin slackening, perking up and increasing the firmness of the fragile skin area around the eye. It also decreases irritation that could lead to puffiness.

he skin around the eyes is very delicate and sensitive, and that's why you should use special eye creams or gels that are specifically made for the delicate eye area. Most of them contain ingredients that relax the muscles, vitamins, retinol and collagen.

Other tips for treating wrinkles

* Always apply sunscreen, especially during the summer months

* Avoid using creamy eye shadows- they may seep into your fine lines and accentuate them even more

* Get plenty of sleep

* Drink lots of water, at least 1.5 liter

* Wear hats and black sunglasses especially during the summer

* Avoid smoking - it makes you squint and deprive your skin from "air"

* Take vitamins and eat lots of vegetables and fruits

Learn more about Anti-Aging, and the "Underlying causes of skin health" at  www.Kasiaorganicsalon.com

Cherry Lemongrass Bloom Sencha Green Tea is the perfect blend of flavors - stimulating and soothing.  Often referred to as "guest tea," Sencha is made from a higher quality leaf that is rich in vitamin C.

tea A Few Benefits:

·       Sweet and Light Sweet Flavor

·       Soothes digestive system

·       Boosts immunity


HOW!  Green  tea promotes ones fat tissue oxidation.  This means that the active ingredients rev up the body's metabolism to use up all the fat that it has stored.

SO WHAT?   Our body's natural tendency is to store energy as fat for emergency.  Zen my dear? Well, we know that the active-go-go-getter -  Informed Beauty lacks time for exercise (AND THIS IS NO EXCUSE), but your body is more prone to store fat.   We won't even get into hormones and fat storage...just yet!


By Drinking our Cherry Lemongrass Bloom, is a delicious way to increases your energy consumption in a way that's compatible with your body.

To view Other Beautiful Health Tea's, Click HERE!

We know you face choices everyday regarding where to spend your time, and at Kasia, we sincerely appreciate you spending it with us.  We never take your trust for granted, and want to earn it everyday.  We take great pleasure in the "Beautiful Health" Beauty service alternatives, and we aim to exceed your expectations!  Please consider telling the your "community" how much you love us on Yelp.com (Review) or sending in a friendly referral. We'll keep loving you right back!

Thank you! From the whole team at Kasia Organic Salon
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