Why is the Ammonia-Free Hair Color at Kasia a better product in terms of safety?

Yes, primarily the formulation does not use Ammonia (Ammonium Hydroxide) and Ethanolamines (including mono-ethanolamine or MEA, diethanolamine or DEA) as alkaline agents.

At Kasia Salon, phone calls come in daily of a growing number of reactive/allergic coloring guests.  It's "no wonder...."  Ammonia is a strong irritant to skin and the respiratory system, while added ethanolamines which is a milder irritant is also a known toxicant to internal organs and a carcinogen. Source: CosmeticsDatabase.com

Secondarily, as a shared philosophy in our Hamadi/other  products, there is a ZERO tolerance of industrial compounds such as propylene glycol (mineral oil), PEG's or synthetics, and sulfates, etc.

What about PPD? (P-phenylenediamine)

NO WAY!  There is no ppd for your added safety.  However, people who are sensitive or allergic to ppd have a high probability of reacting to its related dye compounds.

We offer a free patch test that we suggest to administered at least 48 hours before the very first color service.

Natural .... Organic hair color...Really?

Well, let's get this clear - the color is made of natural ingredients and organic chemical compounds.  Being VERY hesitant in engaging in false advertising like other "natural" or "organic" brands.

Sure, other ingredients cam are organically grown, but the dye pigments of any permanent hair color are not made from living plant material.  They are synthetic organic compounds.   If somebody ever invented a hair dye system derived from living plants that can lift and deposit colors consistently and cover gray hair uniformly, it will HUGE industry news and licensing in new technology.  In a billion dollar market, this would ride on the scale of the TV or the I-Phone!

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