Top Essential Oil BLends for a Winter - Warming Bath

Looks as though winter is here to stay and the Holiday CRAZE is around the corner. Here are a few timely simple blends of  Kasia Apothecary Essential Oils to try for your next bath, to relax.

Only use 6-10 drops total of essential oils per bath.

Sweet Flower

Lavender - 6 drops

Ylang-Ylang - 3 drops

I’m Tired

Lavender– 4 drops

Peppermint – 3 drops

Roman Chamomile – 3 drops

Sweet to sound sleep

Lavender – 5 drops

Sweet Orange – 3 drops Burning the midnight oil

Rosemary – 3 drops

Lemon – 3 drops

Peppermint – 2 drops

Or how about plain old Lavender!

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