Round 2 Kasia Holiday Sale

Thank you to all our friends that hitch-hiked, snow shoed, and walked to Kasia on Saturday's major snow storm!

For all of those not able to come - we'll be hosting our sale this coming Saturday the 18th. If any product goes OUT of stock - we promise to special order asap!

The Kasia Team  embraces you and celebrates the season with 10% - 15% off all products.

(Excluding Our Diffuser, although you will receive  ONE FREE Essential Oil and 10% Off Candles and Makeup)  All: While supplies last


Saturday December 18th

1pm to 5:00 pm

Makeup Touch-ups on December 18th from 2:00 - 5 pm with our new makeup artist and skin specialist Mariah!

(Only 12$ to match your color and  reserve a application lesson!)

25% OFF with purchase of

ENTIRE Kasia Skin Care Set and MORE!

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