Does your lethargic skin need a little extra assistance?

Corrective facials are a great way to give our skin a boost when it needs it the most. For example, as we move forward in age, certain physiological responses are inevitable like the dreaded wrinkle, lost of elasticity and hyperpigmentation. There are also life challenges that occur such as illness, or increased stress due to moving or changing jobs. All of these life occurrences can be addressed and rejuvenated with corrective facials.



A wonderful complement to the corrective facials are glycolic peels that can be included alternately in a series. As with any skin care regimen, a series of three to six facials, depending upon the extent of the condition is very important.


Naturally, Kasia's Organic Facials are all highly therapeutic and will give you an ultimate experience in skin care. Allow Mariah to treat you to a  monthly preventative ritual to capture and enhance the absolute radiance that is within us.

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