Newsletter: Essential Oils for SPRING Weight Loss!

Essential Oils for SPRING Weight Loss!


Celeb Inspired Hair Color

for Spring


Angelina Jolie


Emma Stone


Nicole Kidman

Jennifer Lopez


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Kassie speaks at Woodwinds Health East


"What's lurking in your beauty products?" April 30th @ 11:30

smellThere are man stages and nuances in weight loss to truly be effective and sustainable.


Through the following information in this article, you will see how essential oils can aid the process from controlling appetite to feeling uplifted and confident in your pursuits and every day lifestyle. Of course there is no substitutes within a weight-loss regimen, aromatherapy must essentially be used in conjunction with an appropriate diet, exercise and a healthy lifestyle.


Aromatherapy harmonizes the mind, body and soul in a way that allows people to prepare better for a weight-loss program and derive the maximum benefit.


How can essential oils help weight loss?

Spring Makeup Special

with Makeup Artist, Mariah!


Is it time for a little 'spring cleaning' in that make-up bag of yours?  Do you need help figuring out how to get  that one make-up look that you have always wanted to learn to do on yourself?


Only $25, normally $40-$55 value! (1/2 hour session)

When you book your lesson receive 10% off La Bella Donna Makeup.


Beauty this Spring is synonymous with nature, well-being and serenity. A soft, dewey finish for the face, the look is alluring, serene, and lush with shiny tones for the lips and a pinky-peach flush on the cheeks.  Learn new tips and techniques to make your skin glow all Spring long.


Reserve time with Mariah, our makeup artist/skin expert and learn the right colors for you.

Move your old, miss-matched  tones

to the back of your makeup bag and

add some fun fabulous Spring color to your routine!


La Bella Donna Makeup is a complete collection of mineral-based formulas that are actually healthy for the skin!

Our Loose Powder contains only 4 ingredients!

Other benefits are Listed below.

Daily SPF

Covers, corrects and beautifies better than chemical cosmetics

Ideal for all ages and skin types

Long-lasting colour that does not crease, fade or wear away

Ideal for sensitive, acne, or problem skin

Anti-aging....and MORE.


NEWEST EYE QUAD: Sedona Sunset at Kasia.....LOVE!




Kasia Beautiful Health

Ways to SAVE!



** Refer ONE  friend and you both will receive $10 OFF your next/existing service.


Get your hair and skin ready for spring and trash your OLD products!



**  Bring in any two or more products with a minimum of 3 or more "Top Ten Toxic Ingredients" and

Swap them out and Invest in:  a minimum of any 2 Kasia products to Receive 10% OFF!


Call 612.824.7611 for details and with any questions.



Kasia Organic Salon provides beautifying services with a side of environmental awareness. Put your eco-conscience and its cranial encasement at ease during your services at Kasia.


The former nurtures noggins with customized blends of essential oils, repairing damaged follicles while helping to prevent dandruff, some hair loss, and scalp irritation.


With the health of your head restored, a skilled scissor shaman will get to work on the style.  We are devoted to designing looks that let each client's personality shine through, so whether you are fun and flirty, serious and sophisticated, or enraged and enamored, you'll leave the salon with a 'do' to match your personality.


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Quick Note!

We wish Colette a fabulous trip to Australia.  Layne and myself (Kassie) will be more than happy to service those whom wish to put a "spring" in their "hair-doo" while she is gone.

Patina is still on their way in laying the foundations. Please be aware of any congestion of parking in the coming months.  Thank you- and we are just as excited as many of you.  I did call the builder this last week, and they are projecting JUNE.  Wow....

T-shirts and Tanks from Kasia coming soon........

Cheers and thank you for your patronage! XOXOX

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