Be there on June 16th. The Toxies are Coming to Town!

Hey Informed Beaute's ....this one's for you!

Blog banner copy You've heard of the Oscars, the Emmys and the Grammys, but now there's a new, up-and-coming awards ceremony: The Toxies.

Join for this free event on Thursday, June 16th at Intermedia Arts (map) from 5:15-7:30 pm. From 5:15-6:00 there will be a reception with light appetizers and drinks. The awards show will begin following the reception. RSVP now!

The Toxies is a satirical awards show that recognizes “bad actor chemicals," referred to as such by researchers due to their harmful effects and prevalence in our lives. Formaldehyde, Bisphenol A (BPA), Lead and others will be in attendance. These chemicals—portayed at the show by actual, good actors—are known to contribute to certain types of cancer, development disorders, infertility and other health problems. They are in our homes, workplaces and schools, and it’s time they are recognized for their harmful effects.

Help raise awareness around the important issue of toxic chemicals in our every day products. RSVP now to this limited-seating event for free!

And don't forget to vote below for Minnesota's People's Choice Award for Worst Performance of the Year by a toxic chemical. The winning toxic chemical will receive a Minnesota Toxie Award live at the event.

Learn more here.   Don't miss a chance to win a raffle/donation from Kasia Organic Salon!

The Toxie Diaries: Formaldehyde


Formaldehyde-web1 Hey Formalde-fans!! Been awhile since I’ve written, so I decided to update all my followers on what I’m up to.

So, where have I been? Well, if you keep up with the news you’d know I’ve been pretty much everywhere. (Remember when I showed up in those FEMA trailers for the Hurricane Katrina victims, causing respiratory complaints among inhabitants? Oops!!) Even though the EPA tells people I’m known to cause cancer, they can’t do anything about it! I’m still pretty much all around, partying, you know, havin’ a good time. Don’t tell my publicist :).

Anyway, went to the nail salon the other day. I feel like I’m there all the time! Remember when people only knew me as that reeking chemical in high school science class? I’ve come such a long way since then: carpeting, particleboard, personal care products – I’m even showing up in cribs and changing tables, leaching out into the air to be breathed in by little babies. I’m so well known, I can’t wait to show up at my high school reunion and surprise everyone with my overwhelming success and stench! I smell!

Is there a more versatile toxic chemical than me? I’ve made so many lists, it’s hard to keep track.

Oh, news item! I was just put on the Minnesota Priority Chemicals List! “Priority Chemical” – not bad, huh? I guess it has something to do with how I’m a toxic chemical or whatever. Not sure if I get a certificate or trophy or anything for it, but it’s cool to be recognized. And I just want to thank all my victims and the shameless drive for profit over health that’s gotten me to where I am!


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