How to tame your inner-FRIZZ!


I hope you are enjoying your summer!   As you know, this is the season that the inner-frizz comes out to play therefore enjoy our Beautiful Health Hair TIP below! 

Why does this happen to our lovely locks?

When the hair shaft has a lack of moisture on the "inner court," those little hairs start  looking for moisture in the atmosphere and end result,  drifting away from the long hairs.


When it rains, the extra moisture in the air means extra frizz… little hairs are coming out to do the rain dance.   The H2O is good for them, but the frizz coming out to play is annoying for you, the owner.

What's the key?

When you are looking to control frizz, you need a supple amount of  MOISTURE in the interior of the hair shaft. When hair has enough interior moisture it stops trying to pull water from the outside air.

Recommendation for the Informed Beaute'

Kasia Restore Hair Serum is a top seller at Kasia. Our clients love it due to it's purity of cold pressed Organic oils, as well as it's effects of long term moisture control and restructuring the health of the hair. We created  Kasia Restore  Serum to smooth away frizzy hair without any silicone, which causes  irritation and sensitivity as well as  build up over time becoming very difficult to remove.

We absolutely love what Shea Leave In Hair Cream.   It is ver versatile and enhances waves and curls, tames frizz, or may be used as a straightener for thick hair.  With a fantastic citrusy aroma of exotic verbena, lemon, lemongrass & palmarosa essential oils.


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