Your Health and Beauty with Colloidal Silver

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Choose Silver you can trust! What makes our Colloidal Silver Different?

Sovereign Silver is truly in a class of its own. Here are the characteristics that guarantee it to be the silver of choice

  • Smallest average particle size ever seen - 0.8 nm (nanometers) / 0.0008 microns / 8 Angstroms - confirmed by Univ. of Miami Medical School Click here.
  • 96% actively charged particles - confirmed in a University of Miami study.  
  • Safe low concentration of 10 ppm (parts-per-million) - confirmed at an FDA approved laboratory.
  • Made from 99.99% pure silver - confirmed by 3rd party assay.
  • Made with ultra-pure, medical-grade water (the only other ingredient).
  • Crystal clear and virtually tasteless.

Silver is the best all-around germ killer we know.

Some of Colloidal Silver's benefits:

  • Bacteria
  • Fungus
  • Parasites
  • Viruses

Destroyed by silver, yet pure silver has no side-effects upon humans, and is also beneficial to your health.

Colloidal Silver has many uses including:

  • Tissue regeneration in burn victims
  • Topical ointment for cuts and abrasions
  • Fighting off infections
  • Colds or flu

Suggested Usage Directions:

As a dietary supplement for children: take 1 teaspoon per day. Adults: take 2-3 teaspoons as needed or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.

Best taken alone, preferably between meals. May be mixed with water or juice. May be applied topically.

Facts About Colloidal Silver

A colloid is a substance where ultra-small particles (ranging from 5-100 nanometers (nm) in size --a nanometer = billionth of a meter) are suspended in some other substance. The particles don't dissolve in the other substance.

Colloidal Silver, then, is made up of ultra-small particles of very pure silver (purer than sterling silver) that are suspended in distilled water. These particles range in size from 5 to 15 nm. The particles of silver are uniformly charged with the same charge so that they repel each other.

Thus, because the silver particles' mass is small enough, the repelling force of the like-charge keeps the particles suspended. Colloidal Silver helps the body eliminate pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites by disabling the specific enzymes that microorganisms need to breathe. When the enzmye is disabled, the microorganism quickly suffocates and dies.

Colloidal silver also enhances the immune system by helping the healing of normal cells and enhancing the lymphatic flow and drainage, which removes toxins from tissues.

This improves oxygenation and regeneration of the cells. It also enhances the energy flow in the body.

It will enhance:

  • Homeopathic treatment
  • Acupuncture
  • All natural healing modalities

It will not contradict or interfere with any allopathic drugs. There is no known toxicity to collidal silver whatsoever at any amount. There are also no known side effects from a true colloidal silver. Silver is considered to be one of the most universal antibiotic substances known and according to Jim Powell in a Science Digest article "an antibiotic kills perhaps 7 different disease organisms, but silver kills some 650. Resistant strains fail to develop." [Jim Powell, Our Mightiest Germ Fighter, Science Digest, March 1978.]

Colloidal Silver can be used to maintain health or obtain relief from:

  • Sinus problems
  • Skin problems (including rashes, scrapes, abrasions, fungus, athletes foot, etc.)
  • Moderate to severe infections
  • Earaches
  • Infections
  • Colds/flu
  • Sore throats
  • Headaches
  • Baldness
  • Dental health
  • Animal care
  • Plant care

Sovereign Silver and Skin Benefits

  Homeopathic Silver First Aid Gel

The Only First Aid Product You Need

Sovereign Silver® First Aid Gel is the world’s first homeopathic silver first aid gel for topical use. Because it is effective for such a broad spectrum of minor wounds, you can now replace your over-the-counter (OTC) antiseptic cream, burn spray, calamine lotion, and acne cream with one product: Sovereign Silver® First Aid Gel.

Keep one bottle in your bathroom cabinet, one in your car, and one in your purse or briefcase, so you’ll always be prepared for life’s little accidents.

The 4 Actions of Sovereign Silver First Aid Gel

For fast healing of minor: cuts, scrapes, burns, bites, bruises, skin infections, and more… you need only one product: Sovereign Silver® First Aid Gel.

The Homeopathic Pharmacopeia of the US has recognized Argentum Metallicum to assist the body in 4 ways to help minor wounds heal fast:

Reduces Topical Pain

Sovereign Silver® First Aid Gel reduces pain quickly, taking the sting out of skin irritations.

Calms Minor Skin Inflammation

Sovereign Silver® First Aid Gel calms minor skin inflammation, reducing the swelling, redness, and heat that often accompany minor skin wounds.

Fights Minor Skin Infection

Sovereign Silver® First Aid Gel helps the body keep minor skin infection at bay, allowing minor wounds to heal quickly.

Promotes Healing of the Skin

By reducing topical pain, calming skin inflammation, and fighting minor skin infection, Sovereign Silver® First Aid Gel helps skin recover from all kinds of minor wounds.


The perfect alternative to OTC conventional & herbal topical treatments, Sovereign Silver® First Aid Gel is:

  1. A water-based gel
  2. Clean & Pure – No synthetic preservatives
  3. Non-greasy
  4. Non-staining
  5. Odorless
  6. Safe – Over-the-Counter (OTC) Homeopathic drug products have no known side effects
  7. Sting-free
  8. Virtually residue-free
  9. Cost-effective

 Purchase your Colloidal Silver and protect your health today at Kasia Organic Salon!

Learn more about Colloidal Silver's History and more benefits here!

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