Parabens: Are they in your anti-aging cream?


"Hey Informed Beauty!" There is a potentially dangerous chemical that may be lurking in your anti-aging cream. In fact, it's hard to find lotions, cosmetics, sun block, and many other beauty products that don't contain this chemical.


What is this harmful chemical?  

Parabens. Not only are parabens toxic, but they can also actually speed up the aging process in the skin.

Parabens are a group of chemicals included in the manufacturing of anti-aging cream and other beauty products because they help to inhibit bacteria growth in the product, thus lengthening their shelf life. If the list of ingredients on your anti-aging cream includes the terms propylparaben, methylparaben, ethylparaben, or butylparaben, your cream has parabens.

Although these chemicals do have a preservative effect on the anti-aging cream, they have the opposite effect on your skin and body causing premature aging and sagging of your skin.

The first concern with parabens is that they are absorbed by the skin into the body. For instance, when you apply an anti-aging product containing parabens, the parabens are absorbed into your skin and accumulate in your body tissues.

The breast tissue is of most concern since the majority of the people using cosmetics and anti-aging products are women. Although no firm connections have been made, an article in the May 2004 issue of the Journal of Applied Toxicology indicates parabens were found in each of 20 samples taken from human breast tumors. This is especially alarming since the parabens can mimic estrogen, a hormone that drives the growth of breast tumors in humans as stated in the article.


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