Informed Summer Beaute' | Toxic Ingredients to Avoid in Your Sunscreen

Toxic Ingredients to Avoid in Your Sunscreen

Toxic Ingredients to Avoid in Sunscreen

Organic or not, avoid these ingredients when shopping for safe sunscreens. 

  • Nano-Particles - penetration enhancers, creates free radical damage when exposed to sunlight, increases the risk of certain Cancers.
  • Retinyl Palmitate – a form of Vitamin A can speed the development of lesions and tumors when applied to the skin in the presence of sunlight.
  • Avabenzone, Oxybenzone – hormone disruptors, photoallergic reactions, immunotoxicity, probable carcinogen, endocrine disrupter, enhanced skin absorption, bioaccumulates to dangerous levels, biochemical cellular changes, developmental and reproductive toxicity.
  • Phenol - reproductive and developmental toxin and pollutes wildlife.
  • Octinoxate (Octyl Methoxycinamate)- listed as made from cinnamon, endocrine disruptor, hormone disruptor, penetration enhancer.
  • Octocrylene - penetration enhancer, creates free radical damage when exposed to sunlight.
  • PABA (Octyl Dimethyl PABA, PABA Ester) – cell mutation, Nitrosamine contamination (carcinogenic), creates free radicals damage when exposed to sunlight, penetration enhancer, hormone disruptor.
  • Chemicals That Kill Coral Reefs – paraben, cinnamate, benzophenone, and a camphor derivative.
  • Synthetic Fragrance – contains phthalates, developmental and reproductive toxin, respiratory toxicant, probable neurotoxin, possible carcinogen and endocrine disruptor, bio-accumulative in wildlife, immune system toxicant,  can contain between 10 and 300 different chemicals, many of which have never been tested for safety.
  • Parabens - alter hormone levels, increase risk for certain types of cancer (especially breast), impaired fertility, alteration of the development of a fetus or young child, studies have found parabens in breast tumors, probable skin toxicant, animal studies show brain and nervous system effects.
  • Petro-Chemicals - contaminated with impurities, linked to cancer or other significant health problems, bad for the environment.

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Reference:  Glamorganic Godess


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