Store-bought hair color.....may not be worth the money saved.

 The modern day super woman is often on the run, leaving us to impulse purchases that take the edge off of a constant battle with time management.

In times of desperation......


Store-bought hair color.....may not be worth the money saved.

Do you hate those harsh chemicals when coloring your hair? Is your scalp sensitive to the chemicals of hair color? Or does the smell of the ammonia in hair color bother you?

Ammonia-fee hair color, works just as good as conventional color, and even better.  Enjoy fabulous color solutions at Kasia Organic Salon without inhaling noxious chemicals or suffering from irritated skin and scalp.

Common DIY Mistakes One of the consistent issues with home DIY hair dye is that one lacks wisdom of which tone and color, the correct peroxide (home bought are usually set at a level 40 peroxide - when professions is at a level 10), and lastly - the correct application.  One should only apply to the new growth of the original hair color, but most dye their hair all over again, which puts exorbitant amounts of harmful chemicals into their hair.

Harmful ammonias in hair dye strip hair of natural oils and pigments  and pull out the minerals that serve as protectors against sun damage.

Ammonia is a strong oxidizing agent used in various household cleaners.


The main function of an oxidizing agent is to destroy color chemicals and kill bacteria, like taking stains out of clothes.  In hair there are lots of chemical bonds, and the ammonia from the dye would cause hair to break.”

A lot of the damage can be mitigated if someone uses an ammonia-free hair dye.  Products without ammonia work without compromising the cuticle.    If someone has already damaged hair through extensive dying, there is some hope for restoring hair back to a presentable state.

Damage Done - Instant Relief with Keratin Treatments


A keratin treatment will put protein back in the hair and smooth it out, this is especially helpful for damaged hair and older women, since as we age our hair stops producing keratin. The results are usually immediate.

Keratin treatments are typically done on a four-month basis.  Express keratin treatments are a more economical option.  Correcting the damage inflicted on the hair when experimenting with store-bought color is more costly than if they had just got it done professionally to begin with.

If a client comes in with box-dyed hair, I often suggest and need to charge for an extra conditioning treatments and products used to correct the damage.  If your hair dye is made out of the same chemicals used to clean windows and take out stains in clothes, I would stay away....


Who should use ammonia-free hair coloring? Anyone that is concerned with the constant "body burden" associated with chemicals they ingest every day should look into organic, ammonia-free locks color. However, it is even more useful at some certain stages of life! Look up your nearest organic salon if you happen to:

• Are pregnant - A thriving body is well-sensitized to help environmental hazards and tiny, unformed human beings may not be so lucky. Preventing chemical exposure is especially important while you are pregnant - but that doesn’t mean you have to give up that flexibility with all your looks, free of dangerous fumes or odors!

• Are covering grays - When your hair is losing (and has lost) it’s natural color, you’ll be looking to color more often.  We promise your hair doesn’t  enable you to hold color and remains strong and healthy, while reversing a frizzy, flyaway look.

• Survivors of Cancer - With the specific approval of their physicians, it’s safe for cancer survivors which has no harmful side effects together with sensitive smells, and actually leaves the hair soft and sultry again.

Teen or elderly - Younger and older people are especially sensitive to help harsh chemicals.  Recommended for under-18s together with over-60s.

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