Underlying Reasons for Rosacea and Other Skin Culprits!

Is your skin known to react to new facial products often?   I see this often in our guests dialog of "healthy skin care" home regimen.  Skin and youth marketing is well and alive - making it harder for women to decifer what products are right and appropriate for them - uniquely.

One message that is hit hard and taken too far is the use of abrasive products, such as glycolic acid, exfoliating products, that could be compromising your skin’s natural defenses. These ingredients tend to irritate your skin and to add to the list, alcohols, fragrances, dyes, scrubs (including microdermabrasion glycolic acid, and salicylic acid to name but a few.

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No two peoples’ skin is created equal. You may have a strong barrier, and skin reactions many be coming from nutritional choices.  I advise to take a close look at daily food choices and if you notice any reactions 2-5 days later.  Take out the magnifying glass and examine the ingredients that are contained in the products your eat and put on your skin every day.

Beware Do your products contain harsh abrasive ingredients such as microdermabrasion crystals, aggressive grain granules  or preservatives, such as parabans?

If you use these products daily or switch between abrading products every day, you may simply be making your skin sensitive. If you use too many acids on the skin, use scrubs and exfoliate, plaster on moisture cream, then chemical foundation on top of this – is it any wonder your skin is dry! You may think all you need to do is to scrub and moisturise, but actually you need to be promoting natural skin function, which can be improved by stopping moisturising so as to increase natural cell turnover in a healthy way.

When it comes to effective skin care, I recommend using products that cleanse, prep, and create an environment that will allow the skin's bio-availablility to efficiently take in the invested ingredients.  Give your skin nutrients by giving skin ingredients it recognizes and needs, rather than the chemicals that disrupt it.

Facial lotions and creams may contain certain types of phthalates — endocrine-disrupting chemicals commonly found in personal care products, such as nail polish, soap, perfume and hair spray. Common ingredients like phthalates change skin function, disrupt its barrier and can create havoc. This could be ONE reason you experience a reaction. Synthetics and chemicals are linked to a number of health concerns, including an increased risk of diseases such as diabetes, they can pass through the skin and into the blood stream.

Rosacea -Treat From the Source

Understand underlying reasons for Rosacea to help achieve optimum results!

   Determine which type of rosacea and where inflammation is seen....

Upper Digestive - starts on nose but can spread to other areas of face, often due to hard alcohol consumption.

Mid-Digestive - found along the nostrils extending out about an inch often due to acid-reflux or stomach inflammation.

LowerDigestive - often seen on outer cheeks and forehead, due to Candida, IBS, Celiac and other inflammatory conditions of small and large intestine can also appear as a mixed picture with all over redness due to other parts of digestive tract inflammation.


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