4 Elements of Beautiful Health

We want to inspire you with the truth that Beautiful Health is so much about how we nourish our body. Here's some basic dietary guidance to help you lay your own foundations for lasting Beautiful Health.

Fight Inflammation

Beware of Silent Inflammation. Not all inflammation results in obvious or painful symptoms. Many of us are living daily with low — but still dangerous — levels of inflammation. When this consistent inflammation goes on unknown and untreated for too long it eventually erupts into chronic disease. Our food choices are critical in causing and controlling inflammation.

While some foods such as high-glycemic carbohydrates, red meats and dairy produce, are known pro-inflammatories, there are additional causes to be aware of as well. Ultra-violet light exposure, environmental stresses, hormonal changes and weakened immune system all contribute to inflammation. Studies have shown that when foods like fruit and vegetables and fish are digested they produce anti-inflammatory metabolites.

Digest This

You are what you eat. You've heard it before, and while it's true, it doesn't quite tell us the whole story. Fact is, you are what what you're able to digest and absorb. The health of our digestive tract is highly integrated with our overall health. Classic signs that your digestive system is under-performing include low energy, poor skin health, headaches, foggy thinking and food allergies. Chronic digestive ill-health can ultimately manifest in a myriad of symptoms from depression and weight gain to arthritis.

The basic principles of good gut health are essentially those of good general health. Eat natural foods, include lots of fibre and keep yourself hydrated. And choose low glycemic carbohydrates — avoid sugar, white flour and processed foods.

The Good Oil

Fats and oils have become much maligned in modern times, and while there's certainly some fats we should absolutely avoid, essentially fatty acids derived from cold-pressed seed oils are just so important for healthy skin. In fact, the most dramatic and positive changes to skin health (not too mention heart and mind health) come under the influence of Omega 3 and 6 EFA intake. Dry and sensitive skin affects one in two women. Inadequate essential fatty acid intake induces water loss across the epidermis.

We suggest supplementation with revolutionary Immuno-Viva Core, which offers cold-pressed essential fatty acids and anti-oxidant protection in one oil.

Subtract those Additives

Eating foods grown with pesticides and prepared with synthetic preservatives and additives have been shown to create accumulative toxic reactions, resulting in acne, rashes and other unpleasant skin conditions. Over time, toxins in the digestive system result in clog pores and blockages in the skins internal channels which carry moisture and nutrients to the deeper layers of the skin. The results of this can be seen in aging skin, skin spots, wrinkles and a dull complexion.

Healthy skin depends on reducing the level of toxins in your body, and this begins with reducing the toxins in your diet. Eat fresh, organic fruits and vegetables where possible. And check those labels on your packaged food. You might be surprised just how prevalent preservatives and additives are in your regular diet. Omega 3 EFA's and plenty of anti-oxidant rich foods are also great for reducing inflammation and combating the effects of built up toxins.

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