Exercise and Stress Management

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In any stressful situation a number of changes take place. These are controlled by our adrenal glands as they prepare our bodies to face the life or death challenge which they still associate with stress. This dates from ancient times when stress often meant we were under attack from predators and fighting for our lives.

Our self-preservation mechanism

Our adrenal glands stimulate the release of large amounts of stored glucose to fuel our muscles in their life or death fight.

Adrenal hormones raise our heart rate and blood pressure delivering this energy and oxygen to the muscles. Blood is diverted from our digestive, elimination and immune systems to compensate.

This reaction to stress is known as the fight or flight response. If we were fleeing or fighting for our life these events would be positive. However if not metabolized as intended, over time these nutrients and hormones have a damaging effect on our body.

When not used as intended, the body's stress response has a negative effect.

  • A high concentration of blood sugar has a corrosive effect upon our blood vessel walls.
  • Increased blood pressure places stress on those walls. These events contribute to further damage, providing anchoring points for cholesterol deposits and increasing strain on our heart.
  • As blood is diverted away from our digestive system, its ability to digest and absorb nutrients and remove wastes is reduced.
  • High blood sugar levels are abrasive to our kidneys, compromising filtration of acid wastes.
  • Our nutrient-deprived immune system is not as able to fight off infection or more serious illness.

Exercise is the best way of reducing the harmful effects of stress. Get up and move - if our body wants to 'fight or flee' we should honor that! The energy and hormones released at these times have potentially harmful long-term effects if not fully metabolized. Go for a walk, take an exercise class and let out that pent up aggression.

This burns up the energy and stimulating hormones leaving you feeling calmer, rested and more focused, the added benefits of a good workout providing another positive step toward vibrant well being and health.

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