Treat your skin & Wake UP to new beauty in the morning

Wake up to new beauty in the morning.

During the day, the skin is subject to external and internal stresses (pollution, sun, cold etc.). It largely carries out on our skin and its protective functions at this time.

These many factors release unwanted toxins which interfere with the functioning of the cells and damage supporting tissue over time.

What are the consequences of this?

  • Your beautiful features end up being drawn, marked and tired.
  • The complexion becomes lifeless and grey because the skin recovers less quickly.

Sleep and Science, and Body Chemistry.

At night, the biological rhythm of the skin changes

  1. Between 11 p.m. and 4 in the morning, microcirculation of the blood

is particularly strong. Intake of nutrients and elimination of toxins is greatest during the first part of the night.

  1. Multiplication of cells in the epidermis is highest around 1 in the morning.
  1. Sleep is used to regenerate cells and eliminate toxins throughout the body and the skin is also governed by this principle. If we lack sleep, regeneration of cells is reduced. Because the skin is adversely affected, it performs its night-time functions less well.
  1. At night, the body is at rest, while cells enter an intense phase of activity.
  1. During sleep, the skin is highly receptive to the active ingredients released by nightly dermal products.
  1. More receptive, less stressed and strained, this is the ideal time to treat the skin and intensify the refreshing effects of sleep.

Sleeping Beauty Secret Benefits:

Kasia ByNight Serum

So why apply byNight Serum?

* Stimulates cell renewal and metabolism.

* Growth factor aids collagen regeneration.

* Strengthens the skin’s protective barrier function.

  • Cell renewal is three times greater at night.
  • Naturally,  full of active ingredients.

The Secret:

A natural alternative to Retinol, Vigna aconitifolia is an active botanical extract that helps stimulate cell metabolism and collagen synthesis. Its anti-aging/anti-wrinkle action is irritation-free. A blissful way to rejuvenate your skin while you slumber.

Excuse me….I’m off to catch some ZZZZZZ’s……

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