Autumn Chinese Principles "to Fall For." Shifting Inner Health & Outer Beauty

Autumn Ancient Chinese Principle to Shift our Inner + Outer Being


In traditional Chinese medicine we recognize that humans, like animals and plants, are affected by seasonal changes.

Anything done to the body has equal consequence for the mind and spirit also. If you feel good physically, you will be more balanced emotionally, mentally and spiritually”

Autumn is a time of establishing a rhythmic order and turning inward.  The softer calm and re-centering energy ground us from a restless mind and body.

As Women, we innately “nest” in the fall as we prepare our hearts and home with comfort foods brimming with sensational scents of garlic, fennel and sustaining broths.

Lungs, Skin & Large Intestine

Fall corresponds to the lungs, skin, and large intestine.  The lungs and large intestine are in charge of digestion and elimination.  Fall is the best time to focus on digestive health by integrating a light cleanse.


Full of Inspiration

The fall element consists of metal and is our source of new ideas and is where new emotions take shape, since it’s our inhalation-connection (lung) to the universe.  


“The Large Intestine ‘lets go’ of what is no longer necessary. A healthy balance between the Lung and Large Intestine is demonstrated by a person that can honor commitments, but then let go of a relationship when it is over.”

It’s a time to let go of old ideas, beliefs, and attachments, leaving room for new space to grow and evolve.

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Autumn + Skin Health

Skin is our largest organ, but it is the LAST to receive essential building blocks from your daily food choices.  Essentially the ability to convert the energy and metabolism from inner intestinal track through out the rest of the body - is key.  


Why are Dry Skin + Pesky Breakouts are at their worst during Fall?

Frequent dry spots, skin irritation and ailments like blemishes and psoriasis can be at their worst during Autumn months.

Warm and cool air trap the skin’s cellular turn over, met with the natural shifts biorhythm cause inconsistency and much-needed exfoliation and rich oils to replenish the deep layers of the skin.

Your dry, brittle hair and sun-worshipped skin will thank you for it.

Yin + Yan = Cause + Affect

The inability to eliminate through regular bowel movements or continue to move the lymphatic system (we have more lymph than blood).   

If the Lungs are strong, the skin will be lustrous and firm.


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Shopping List Love

Add nourishing {yin foods} to your diet to promote body fluid, soothe the lungs and protect you from dryness.


Roasted carrots

The taste associated with metal is pungent or spicy.


Wild rice, raw onions, garlic, radish, turnip, kohlrabi, cinnamon, mint, rosemary, scallions, cloves, fennel, anise, dill, mustard greens, horseradish, mustard, basil, nutmeg are considered metal foods.  


Restore your skin and spirit with our leading medical aesthetician by integrating seasonal earth clay masks combined with Evoq Signature Skin Care home rituals brimming with rich oils and minerals.  All essential for restoring the root - to dewy, firm and plump skin - irritation free. 


Contact us today to schedule a Custom Organic Facial


Digestive Enzymes for Beautiful Health

Enzymes are the key components of your body's worker bees within your cells .   Chemical reactions are created to allow them to break down existing materials or create new ones. They also serve as the catalyst for cell growth,  renewal, and slowed down aging!


Enzymes and Beauty

Along with helping to clean the toxic sludge in your system that can dull your complexion, remove pigment from or thin your hair, contribute to acne, and lead to premature lines and wrinkles, enzymes also control the release rate of adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which provides energy to every cell in your body. Since your body utilizes this energy for cell repair to keep your skin glowing, your hair growing, and your cells regenerated, the absence of enzymes can disrupt delivery of this all-important, life-sustaining energy.

What Are Enzymes?

Made from amino acids put together in very specific structures, enzymes are proteins that serve as catalysts to quickly bring about specific chemical reactions in your body's cells. Enzymes serve to cause certain cell actions, and to speed up others.

There are more than 3,000 types of enzymes in the human body, playing key roles in more than 4,000 biochemical reactions. Enzymes are important for digestion, metabolism, respiration, nutrient absorption and transportation, detoxification and purification, muscle movement, hormone production, cell repair, cell division, and many other bodily processes. Once an enzyme does its job in the body, it is destroyed and must be replaced by new enzymes in order to maintain the body's processes.

 Enzyme deficiencies can contribute to:

  • Indigestion, gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation

  • Arthritis and inflammatory disorders

  •  estrogenFatigue and muscle aches

  • Brain fog/ dementia

  • Heart attacks

Proper nutrition is important for all your body's functions. The ability to properly digest your food is critical for proper nutrition and to avoid getting toxic.

Why are enzymes important for your beauty?

What goes on in real life is that most of the enzymes we need to digest the food we eat are naturally present in the food. This occurs because enzymes are what a fruit or vegetable uses to ripen. As the ripening process continues, the food digests to where we consider it to be rotten. From the perspective of an apple or grain, for example, this is a perfect stage for the seed to use its food source so it can grow into an adult plant. These same plant enzymes also work in the acid environment of your stomach (where approximately 40 percent of digestion can take place) while animal enzymes can’t work until after they get past the stomach.

Many decades ago, food processor companies realized that they could prolong the shelf life of food from days to years by destroying the enzymes present in the food. They also discovered that using salicylates (the active component of aspirin) is a very effective way to destroy enzymes.

Because of this, most of the enzymes present in processed foods have been eliminated over the last 30 plus years. This corresponds to the period of time in which we have seen a dramatic increase in degenerative diseases and indigestion. Meanwhile, your poor pancreas has had to pick up the slack and make almost all the enzymes needed for digestion. Many people realized however that if they juiced or ate a raw food diet (cooking can also destroy enzymes) they felt dramatically better.

Food processing companies are learning new tricks. By gassing fresh fruits and vegetables, they can destroy the enzymes present even in these fresh foods. This way they can look appealing on the grocery shelf for weeks instead of developing those little brown spots that we don't like to see. Unfortunately, although the food looks good, it has lost much of its nutritional value.

What happens when I don't have enough enzymes? When you don't have enough enzymes to adequately digest your food, several things happen:

  1. You become deficient in proteins, carbohydrates, and /or fats depending on which enzymes you are missing

  2. You then crave the missing nutrient

  3. By eating excessive amounts of the nutrient you can’t digest, it can build up in your colon and become toxic.

  4. You absorb large chunks of proteins (instead of breaking them down to their component amino acids). Your immune system then has to treat them as outside invaders and use up its energy digesting those foods that make it into your bloodstream. This can exhaust your immune system while contributing to food sensitivities. If you check you may find that your temperature goes up around 40 minutes after eating as your immune system has to make up for a weak digestive system

  5. Your body works poorly because of the nutritional deficiencies. You feel poorly and have digestive disturbances.

All in all, you feel lousy, the stomach hurts, and you may have specific food cravings. Sound familiar?

Does it matter which enzymes I use?  YES!

Top Pick:  Premier Research Labs sells the BEST Enzymes around.  Here at Kasia Organic Salon, we highly suggest Premier Digest and HCL for all of our clients.  Not only does it reach to those that struggle with "gastro" complications, gluten sensitivities, etc.....but it enhances your stomachs detoxification which brings you a more 'beautiful self.'    -Kassie, Owner

It benefits your health and beauty to maximize your enzyme intake. By doing so, you will discover you have more energy, digest your foods much more easily, and look and feel better than you have in years.

Reference: Dr Jacob Teitelbaum MD


HERBAL FORMULAS FOR Hair Loss, Graying, & Acne

We now carry herbal formulas available at the salon for hair loss, early greying, and acne!  Traditional Chinese Medicine formulas have been successfully used by patients for thousands of years to naturally promote beauty from within.

· Colorful Phoenix Pearl Combo (Cai Feng Zhen Zhu An Chuang Wan) is helpful for many forms of acne

·       Silken Tresses (Qi Bao Mei Ren Dan) promotes hair growth, and slows early greying

·       Yin Care is an external herbal tincture that has many uses, including treating acne blemishes, rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, scalp dermatitis (including dandruff), as well as several gynecological issues.

These formulas are made by the most highly respected manufacturers, who use stringent quality controls.

Because these medicines have specific effects on the whole body, they should only be taken under the guidance of a licensed practitioner.  Our acupuncturist, Elizabeth Williams, LAc, is well trained in Traditional Chinese Medicine, and can prescribe formulas based on your own individual symptoms and constitution after an initial herbal consultation. Elizabeth will also help evaluate any dietary or lifestyle changes you can make.

Elizabeth is available Monday, Tuesday, and Friday each week for herbal consultations and acupuncture treatment.  If you are only interested in treating hair loss, early greying, acne, or other beauty concerns, a shortened consultation is available for $25.

An initial full herbal consultation to address health concerns is $50, and takes approximately one hour.

Come in today to naturally enhance your true beauty!

Your dry skin, hair, dust and minerals....

Ammonia Hair Color is on the MOVE!!

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Informed beautylogotype

Welcome to the latest Informed Beauty Newsletter!

With the beautiful temped weather the past few days, I can bet you've had your windows open trying to get all the "legging virus bugs" out of your home....

Over the last month so many clients have been asking me why their hair has suddenly become so dry and dull ? ? ?

Dust and Minerals.

Yep, it's darn annoying, dirty, all this dust is dehydrating your hair and Skin. The ultra fine dust particles are sucking the natural oils and moisture up off our skin, and leaving a layer of dirt on your hair making it knotty & dull.

The solution is . . . . Give your hair a deep conditioning treatment (Hamadi Mask Treatment) to replace lost nutrients, & it will be back shining in no time.

Masking with Hamadi is a perfect weekly indulgence or daily essential for hair in need of repair, replenishment and color maintenance. Avocado oil silkens and aloe vera hydrates from roots to ends. Leaves the hair feeling sensuous and touchable. Made with 100% Organic Essential Oils and Plant Extracts. Completely biodegradable. Absolutely no artificial ingredients. No perfumes or colors. Tested on Actresses - Never on animals.


In spending time with clients, I am highly aware of how environmental conditions in their area affect their clients’ hair and skin. Over 85 percent of the population in the U.S., according to the Water Quality Association, is bathing with hard water.

Minerals found in water at home are continuously exposed to hair during bathing. Since hot or warm water is usually selected to wash hair, the cuticle is opened, allowing positively charged elements, such as minerals, to get inside the cuticle and attach to the protein.

Three ways calcium affects hair:

  1. Create a wall that blocks salon chemicals from processing properly
  2. Build-up on the scalp causing flaking, often thought of as dandruff. These deposits are much like the “bathtub rig” associated with hard water and bath soap
  3. Increased hair loss by clogging the mouth of the follicle causing hair to break off and coat the scalp, blocking further hair growth.

A Soft Water generator is NOT always the answer. Ask me why...

Improve your color, tangles, static, and MORE..... Malibu Mineral Chelation Packets at Kasia Salon

Features & Benefits

  • * Prepares hair for superior color
  • * Gently yet effectively removes minerals from hair that inhibit proper processing of color
  • * Extends life of vibrant color to prevent fading
  • * Helps prevent brassiness or discoloration
  • * Accelerates processing time of color
  • * Protects scalp from itching or burning caused by oxidizing chemicals

Only $4.99 per packet/use! Buy 3 & Get 1 FREE!

With that in mind I thought I would answer one more frequently asked questions I get from our clients in the Salon each week.

Q. How Do I Know What Hair Style to Choose?

* If you are wanting to have a NEW LOOK then the first step is to start looking at pictures ..You can do this in advance through magazines or on the internet.. You might be suprised how quickly you discover a common style that draws your attention, even if you previously had no clear idea in mind.

* If you've got a picture, bring it in.. don't feel shy it's a great way for you to easily explain to your stylist what your thinking.

* Ensure you give your stylist as much information as possible about your hair texture and problem areas. As well as letting them know how much effort you put into your hair at home and how much maintenance you are willing to do.

* If you are still unsure of exactly what it is that you want from your stylecut or colour, let your stylist know what it is that you Don't Want, often it is much easier to tell us what you don't like or what hasn't worked for you in the past.

Treat your skin & Wake UP to new beauty in the morning

Wake up to new beauty in the morning.

During the day, the skin is subject to external and internal stresses (pollution, sun, cold etc.). It largely carries out on our skin and its protective functions at this time.

These many factors release unwanted toxins which interfere with the functioning of the cells and damage supporting tissue over time.

What are the consequences of this?

  • Your beautiful features end up being drawn, marked and tired.
  • The complexion becomes lifeless and grey because the skin recovers less quickly.

Sleep and Science, and Body Chemistry.

At night, the biological rhythm of the skin changes

  1. Between 11 p.m. and 4 in the morning, microcirculation of the blood

is particularly strong. Intake of nutrients and elimination of toxins is greatest during the first part of the night.

  1. Multiplication of cells in the epidermis is highest around 1 in the morning.
  1. Sleep is used to regenerate cells and eliminate toxins throughout the body and the skin is also governed by this principle. If we lack sleep, regeneration of cells is reduced. Because the skin is adversely affected, it performs its night-time functions less well.
  1. At night, the body is at rest, while cells enter an intense phase of activity.
  1. During sleep, the skin is highly receptive to the active ingredients released by nightly dermal products.
  1. More receptive, less stressed and strained, this is the ideal time to treat the skin and intensify the refreshing effects of sleep.

Sleeping Beauty Secret Benefits:

Kasia ByNight Serum

So why apply byNight Serum?

* Stimulates cell renewal and metabolism.

* Growth factor aids collagen regeneration.

* Strengthens the skin’s protective barrier function.

  • Cell renewal is three times greater at night.
  • Naturally,  full of active ingredients.

The Secret:

A natural alternative to Retinol, Vigna aconitifolia is an active botanical extract that helps stimulate cell metabolism and collagen synthesis. Its anti-aging/anti-wrinkle action is irritation-free. A blissful way to rejuvenate your skin while you slumber.

Excuse me….I’m off to catch some ZZZZZZ’s……

Learn more about ByNight and more skin tips at:

Saddled with Cellulite?

Why you don't necessarily have to live with orange peel skin.....

Cellulite is something that affects a huge proportion of women - 85% of us, in fact. Many of us assume the reason that we are 'lumped' with it is that we are carrying a couple of extra pounds that we really should do something about. The reality is that cellulite can be completely unrelated to weight. Nine out of ten women with a healthy amount of muscle who fall within the healthy Body Mass Index range will have cellulite on their body … and if you are a Caucasian woman, this number creeps ever closer to 10 out of 10! Cellulite can actually be treated, with natural methods that don’t involve thousands of dollars. So what is cellulite, how do your hormones effect cellulite, why has it chosen to live on your legs, and what can you do starting today to start helping your skin look smoother?

the "KEY"

What's in a name?

Cellulite has plenty of medical names, including adiposis edematosa, gynoid lipodystrophy, dermopanniculosis deformans and status protusus cutis. However, health professionals widely recognize that it isn't necessarily a dysfunction of any body part, but a natural consequence of several factors. These include:

  • The effect of estrogen on the body
  • Having poor circulation
  • A natural breakdown of connective tissue
  • The effect of other hormones on the body, including insulin, thyroid hormones, prolactin, the stress hormones adrenaline and noradrenaline

The physical process of developing cellulite - don't try this at home! Some of the clues to combating cellulite can be found when you look at how it forms, physically. Cellulite develops when:

  • Microcirculation is impaired to the subcutaneous layer of fat, one of the deeper layers. This means that blood is more susceptible to pooling and more fluid is retained.
  • Capillaries and veins become weaker with reduced circulation and may leak blood into surrounding tissue, which compounds the circulation problem
  • The lymphatic fluid builds up in the subcutaneous layer, pushing the fat cells outwards against the top layer of skin. The orange peel look appears.
  • The septae, cell walls, start to congeal with the stagnant lymphatic fluid. They then become thicker, and can trap and squeeze the fat cells even more. This makes the protrusion even more prominent.

The fact that nearly 90% of women in the world have cellulite, while it is extremely rare in men (even very overweight ones) is a flashing neon sign pointing to estrogen as a culprit for creating cellulite. Estrogen creates septae structures that are mesh-like, rather than smooth, and therefore the structures trap fat deposits more easily. However much you hate your cellulite, though, you really should love your estrogen! When you mess with estrogen, though, you are messing with something much bigger than leg dimples. Proper estrogen balance in the body is required to:

  • Maintain your memory and mental function in good working order
  • Stop you from becoming a permanent pre-menstrual monster … a drop in estrogen during the week prior to your period is what makes the fangs come out!
  • Preserve bone density and prevent osteoporosis
  • Lower your risk of heart disease, by regulating the liver's production of cholesterol
  • Help maintain vaginal lining and prevent dryness and itching
  • Keep your blood vessels dilated (and therefore improve your circulation - which actually helps improve the appearance of cellulite)

Be wary of any cellulite treatment that aims to reduce your estrogen levels artificially in order to reduce the appearance of cellulite. The formation of cellulite is a complex process that needs a multi-pronged approach to solving it. You may not only be getting rid of cellulite by reducing estrogen levels, but getting rid of your bone density, your protection against heart attacks, your natural feel-good hormones, your protection against heart disease and your good circulation! So, what are those safe, natural methods for getting rid of cellulite?

Reduce hormone overload

In Western society, we actually consume a great deal of hormones, more than we realize. Chicken and other meat products are almost unfailingly fed hormone products to help stimulate fast growth and make them more cost effective. Women on any sort of hormonal contraceptive (whether daily, quarterly or slow-release) are exposed not only to artificial levels of estrogen, but to extra stress hormones (adrenaline and noradrenaline).

Improving Circulation

There are quite a few ways to improve circulation, including with exercise, hot and cold treatments, various positions and with herbal supplements. Try the following methods for improving your circulation:

  • Yoga: Yoga helps with flexibility, stress, posture and general fitness. These are all great end goals in themselves, but more importantly for the cellulite-afflicted, they also help improve your circulation!
  • Hydrotherapy: Hot and cold water treatment is a great way to improve your circulation, even if it is un-comfy at first! Have your shower water a little hotter than you usually would, staying there for around 15 seconds. Then turn the hot off completely and change it to full cold. Hop away from the water a little so you don't accidentally burn yourself, and change it back to just a little too warm. Repeat the process 5 or 6 times.
  • When your shower water is a little too warm, your blood vessels expand and move to the surface of your skin. When it immediately becomes cold, they rush to your internal organs to preserve your heat, flooding them with a rush of blood.
  • Stand on your head, or lie with your feet against the wall: This position uses gravity to help force blood into capillaries that your heart alone may not be able to force it into.
  • Stop smoking! This is one of the single biggest things that women can do to improve circulation and help stop the appearance of cellulite.
  • Take Gingko Biloba and eat plenty of cayenne pepper: These herbs are recognized for their circulation-stimulating properties.

Improving Lymphatic Drainage

Detoxifying your body can help improve lymphatic drainage, as can massage and the roller therapy that has become popular as a cellulite 'treatment' in some circles. Make sure you eat natural foods, use natural bath and beauty products, and regularly detoxify your body in order to support your body's lymphatic drainage system.

Get regular massages - these don't necessarily need to be the more expensive 'cellulite reduction' kind. However it is usually best to have trained professional do them, to avoid actually doing damage to your body.

The roller and ultrasound treatments which aim to improve lymphatic drainage and help reduce the appearance of cellulite often do work. However, be aware that their effects are temporary. Your cellulite will look just as it ever did within a few weeks.

Losing Weight

Cellulite affects women of all sizes - even thin women get cellulite. However, the process of losing weight can not only shrink the size of your fat cells, but improve the underlying causes of cellulite (poor circulation and lymphatic drainage). Try some of these creative ways to start losing weight: • Check out the 'Sit and be Fit' program, which is meant for elderly people, but is also great for couch potatoes! • Walk to the shops to get a treat - even if they're more than five minutes away. Take a partner. • Sit on a stationary bike to watch television instead of a couch • Do the 5 minute clean - set your oven or cell phone timer for 5 minutes, and see how much of the house you can get tidied and cleaned. Race around if you have to!

Diet and a Toxic Lifestyle

Diet plays a myriad of roles in the formation of cellulite. Your diet can: • Make you gain weight, increasing the size of fat cells and making them protrude more from the body • Reduce your circulation, if you eat a lot of processed foods, foods high in saturated fats and sugar • Impair your lymphatic drainage • Increase your natural hormone levels, when you eat hormone-supplemented meat, or when you eat foods that raise the production of stress hormones

Kassie Kuehl is a respected leader in, and advocate for, natural health and beauty care. The founder of Kasia natural line of skin care and stylist for Kasia Organic Salon, Kassie combines her experience as a nutrition coach with her ongoing Functional Medicine research to apply a whole of body “Beautiful Health’ approach to hair care and styling. She can be found at

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