Dr. Oz talks about 'Mineral make up"

You may have heard about Dr.  Oz, of the “Dr. Oz Show” saying the long-term use and inhalation of minerals in makeup can lead to inflammation, irritation, and lung disease. Dr. Oz made it very clear that at the present time there are no clinical studies which substantiate the amount of potential danger that mineral makeup could present. He explained during the broadcast that it is the size of the particles contained in some of the makeup preparations that we need to worry about. La Bella Donna is not a nano-particle mineral makeup. Our particle size is not part of the category of minerals Dr. Oz warned about. The CEO, Kathy Tracy, was kind enough to explain this in a letter below.

Remember, La Bella Donna foundations physically cannot clog pores or be absorbed into the skin. Our particles are naturally waterproof and have a natural SPF 20.

La Bella Donna Loose Powder ** only 4 ingredients ** make up that is healthy for your skin La Bella Donna’s signature product! Available in twelve different shades:

Loose Mineral Foundation is completely inorganic and cannot conduct bacteria. Dermatologists and plastic surgeons have recognized Loose Mineral Foundation as a calming, healing must-have for post-op. The naturale sun protection SPF 20 gives you all day confidence protection. Perfect for acne-prone teenage skin. Ideal for all skin types.

HOW TO APPLY: Using the Mineral Makeup Brush, apply Loose Mineral Foundation in circular motions at the center of the face while working out toward your hairline with light sweeping strokes.
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Thanks Le Reve Day Spa for sharing!

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