Mineral Makeup

Top 5 Mineral Makeup Tips .... every Informed Beaute' should know!

La Bella Donna Loose Minerals provide a naturale alternative to chemical makeup in order to insure the health of the skin as well as the body. Our skin is the largest organ and everything we put on it is filtered through the liver just like the food that we eat. We do not want to be absorbing chemicals into our bodies. La Bella Donna Minerals have so many properties for the skin that we cannot get from any other source because they are only minerals from rock and not diluted down with another ingredients.

Sexy Summer Happy Hour with International Makeup Artist - July 21st

Date:  Saturday, July 21st

Time: 3pm to 7pm


Quick and easy ways to look your best and protect your skin this summer for the non make-up wearer, or for those who just a want a new look that's "SIMPLE" to achieve.

We will focus on defining your facial features and working with a minimal amount of time, which every woman wants. 


  • 20 Minute Makeup Lesson for only $12!
  • Learn a new eye palette technique.
  • Get answers to all of your ingredient questions.
  • Match the correct color and tone for your skin.
  • Receive 10% OFF all Kasia Natural Products.
  • Refer a friend to book a makeup lesson and receive 20% OFF all Kasia Natural Products.
  • Get Saturday Night Sexy with a special discounted $25 Shampoo and Blowout.
  • Enjoy a glass of wine with your girlfriends!

La Bella Donna's minerals have a light refractive quality (because they are just minerals from rock) which immediately reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on the skin.




"Jennifer began her carrier as a makeup artist in 1999. She worked with such lines as Chanel, Mac Cosmetics and Bobby Brown as well as other artistry lines. Once obtaining a Medical Esthetics license she worked closely with a team of leading Plastic Surgeons focusing on the health of the skin. She then went on to get certified in advanced courses at the International Dermal Institute.

Jennifer’s passion for skin and artistry brought her to La bella Donna. “Working together to promote the health and wellness of the skin in a beautiful mineral form. It is truly amazing to be part of such an impeccable line that I can stand by not only as a Make up artist but as an Aesthetician as well.”


Call to schedule at 612.824.7611

*New* Liquid Mineral Foundation that corrects and lifts your skin


Ultimate Pure Perfection Liquid Mineral Foundation

    Visibly corrects and lifts the skin so your face appears healthy, smooth, luminous and radiant

I love the way this nutrient-rich creamy mineral foundation feels!   Combining Liquid Mineral Foundation with Loose Mineral Foundation creates the perfect protection barrier to guard against environmental and of ultraviolet rays damaging effects.

Ultimate Pure Perfection an aqueous texture with unrivaled qualities that respects the skin.

  • Visibly corrects and lifts the skin so your face appears healthy, smooth, luminous and radiant
  • Contains moisturizing agents to provide hydration and comfort, due to marine extracts that boost cell energy to enhance natural radiance
  • Botanical extracts stimulate cell activity and regeneration wile maintaining anti-inflammatory properties to nourish the skin


  • Sodium Hyaloranate: tissue repair, contributes to tissue hydrodynamics, movement and proliferation of cells and participates in a number of cell surface interactions
  • Aloe Barbeadensis Leaf Extract: reduces the appearance of dry or damaged skin and restores suppleness
  • Ficus Crica(Fig)Extract: calms redness, a superior antioxidant
  • Squalene: gives a soft smooth appearance, a natural component of human sebum
  • Thymus Valaris (Thyme) Extract: moisturizes a boosts skin tone. Stimulates cell activity and regeneration, assists in regulating hydration
  • Cicumis Sativus (Cucumber) Fruit Extract: moisture binding, soothing, tightening, anti-inflammatory properties, nourishes and softens the skin
  • Rosa Canina Fruit Oil: excellent tissue regeneration, reduces scars(trauma and surgical), reduces wrinkles
  • Sambucus Nigra Flower Extract: calms redness, anti-inflammatory, stimulates circulation, promotes healing of all skin challenges
  • Jaminum Officinale (Jasmine Oil): moisturizing, soothing
  • Hedera Helix (Ivy) Leaf/Stem Extract: antimicrobial, excellent for any skin issues, soothing, calming benefits

 Allow the Kasia Team to match your correct skin tone to the new Mineral Liquid Foundations! 

Absorb or Reflect? A Sunscreen Saftey Basic.

What is a sunscreen?

At a very basic level, sunscreen is anything which helps protect the skin against the harmful rays of the sun. This includes clothing, sunglasses, parasols and preparations specifically formulated to be applied to the skin. Most of us tend to use this term  of sunscreen when we talk about sun protection products.

The key ingredients of a sun protection product are around the filters of UV.

What are the different types of UV filters?

All UV filters are chemical substances which act as sunscreens. They typically fall into two main categories: synthetic or organic filters, such as the cinnamates, which absorb UV light; and mineral or inorganic filters, such as titanium dioxide, which mainly reflect UV light. Frequently, both types are used in combination for optimum effect in a product.

How do sunscreens work? The main component of a sunscreen product is the UV filter or filters. Their job is to stop ultraviolet light from reaching the skin. UV filters can do this in one of two ways: they can either absorb the UV-light by “soaking it up”; or they can scatter it and reflect it away from the skin (how Kasia Good Day Sunshine is composed). Consequently, there are two different types of UV filter and these are:


Absorbed Light

Absorber filters (or organic filters) Absorber type UV filters work by absorbing ultraviolet light much like a sponge soaks up water. Each tiny sunscreen “sponge” soaks up ultraviolet light, and then releases it back out after converting it into lower energy and less dangerous infrared light. These filters can be thought of as “energy converters”, converting dangerous ultraviolet light into safer infrared warmth.

Reflected Light

Reflector filters (mineral or inorganic filters) Unlike the absorber-type UV filters, reflectors tend to be less specific about the type of UV-light they reflect and tend to protect against both UVA and UVB. These sun filters act in a different way. Instead of soaking up the UV rays in the way that the absorber sun filters do, these materials reflect and scatter the UV light away from the skin without changing it to anything else. They can be thought of as thousands of tiny mirrors each reflecting UV light away from the skin. reflected light.  This is the Kasia "Informed Beauty" suggested route of purchasing sunscreens for you and your family.


What should you consider when 'out and about?'

The basic precautions against the harmful effects of the sun are:

  • the best use of a sunscreen is a physical block
  • wear appropriate clothes
  • seek shade
  • be aware of reflected sunlight (from water, snow, sand etc)
  • avoid direct sun particularly during the hottest four hours of the day (11.00am to 4.00pm).
  • reapply sunscreen liberally and often

Learn more about your options at Kasia Organic Salon.

We provide Good Day Sunshine, a highly  integrative sunscreen rated as a TOP 10 on EWG's safest Sunscreen List. Everyday wear such as our beautiful line of mineral makeup is an option that is sure to protect your face sun or snow all year around.  Last but not least, Kasia Honey Dip Sunless tanning lotion smells like fresh cocoanut and gives your skin the perfect warmth and glow you are looking for.


Reference: CTPA

lululemon and Kasia Team share Chemical Free beauty tips for lululemon mothers and daugthers

Kasia Skin Expert (SARA) and Lead Stylist (COLETTE) Lovin' Up and sharing Chemical Free beauty tips for lululemon mothers and daugthers....MAKEOVER!

lululemon athletica - Minneapolis showroom Super fun Friday night event at the showroom - great partner class taught by Kristi Gess, spa treatments by Kasia Organic Salon, shopping at Inizio Gifts, delicious food and drink...! What more could you want! Thanks everyone who participated!

"Yes, American Girls Dolls.... have yoga mats too"

Freebies...Inizio + Lululemon + Kasia Organic Salon

Inizio + Lululemon + Kasia Organic Salon

Mother's Day Event Friday, May 7th, 5:30-8:30pm

C'mon over to 50th and Penn for an evening of wine, shopping, pampering from Kasia Organic Salon, and a free workout class!

Make a $5 donation to the Jeremiah Program, helping single moms build a better life, and receive 10% off your purchase at Inizio.

Great gifts for Mother's Day!

Visit us at FRIDAY * Inizio Gifts and lululemon
2309 West 50th Street Minneapolis, Minnesota 55410 612 824 7611

Come get GLAMMED with La Bella Donna Minerals!

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Nontoxique sale starting at Kasia -- -- running thru mothers day.


Kasia Stylist Colette on FIRE * Classy Ocassion Styles

Kasia rising Stylist... Colette is ON FIRE!

RaVe RevEiW!

I had the most incredible appointment yesterday. Colette did a wonderful job of pampering me. My hair is luxurious! I came into the salon with a dry mess of hair and left with soft, beautifully highlighted hair (naturally) cut just the way I wanted it!! I am thrilled, so is my scalp… Sara did an awesome job waxing my brows last week.

I LOVE YOUR SALON. -Kelli, Client

The 2010 Prom Season is upon us! Or....Class Reunion perhaps?

Let us take care of your big event, style, and mineral makeup.

Dont forget to PREP your SKIN Darling!


Exfoliate with soPure and enMoist - urize before

applying Light REFLECTING La Bella Donna Minerals.

  • Helps reduce pigmentation and discoloration.
  • Dual exfoliate system with jojoba bead and larch extract.
  • Deep hydration with long lasting effects

Stop in and meet the team, special event or no-

Dont forget!

RECIEVE $20 OFF your first Ammonia Free Color, Organic Facial, or Massage!

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