Essentially Fabulous! Natural Ways to Deal with Hormone Imbalance of Menopause

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Excerpt on page 20 (article starts on Page 18 of May/June 2010 Issue)

Quick Tips for Managing Menopause Symptoms: For hot flashes, peppermint oil can be massaged into the bottom of the feet or the back of the neck. You can also mix it with water and spritz it.

Other oils to consider are geranium, citrus oils such as wild orange, grapefruit and lemon, and clary sage.

Reduce Hot Flashes Naturally: Add 11 drops geranium and 7 drops lemon to warm bath water for a soothing soak. You can also use 1 oz Jojoba Oil and massage it into the body to relieve hot flash symptoms, and remember to avoid caffeine and alcohol for best results.

Banish Night Sweats: Add 10 drops grapefruit to 10 drops geranium and massage into the body.

Fight Fatigue: Apply peppermint oil over the liver and adrenal glands.

Rev Up Your Libido: Try ylang ylang, ginger, peppermint, clary sage.

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