Quick recommendations for healthy hair growth

  • Use a shampoo and conditioner which contain no petrochemicals such as lauryl sulfate.
  • If your public water supply uses chlorine to kill bacteria, use a shower filter to reduce chlorine exposure on your scalp (and lungs).
  • Take a probiotic,  multivitamin, Omega 3, and products containing antioxidants to promote general health and micro-circulation.
  • Use essential oils to promote hair health

Two Major Hair Issues

For many men and women, the loss of their hair is a devastating sign of encroaching old age. Male pattern baldness affects 40 million adult males in the United States. But approximately 20 million American women also suffer from some type of hair loss. The causes vary widely - genetics, stress, diet and environmental pollutants. And the solutions are just as plentiful.

For some people, the goal of beautiful, lustrous hair is elusive. The skin is known as the largest organ of the body, yet the surface area of your hair far exceeds that of your skin. You realize this when you return from a place where people are smoking, from a BBQ, or some other event where there are smells in the air.  Your hair needs internal and external protection against everyday assaults from contaminants and pollutants.

What you don't subject your hair and scalp to is potentially more important than what you apply to your hair.  Avoid application of toxic petrochemicals and sterilizing agents to your hair and scalp and you will be on the way to sustained healthy hair growth.

Don't Be Deceived

One thing is clear. Mainstream shampoos and conditioners that claim to be helpful to your hair and scalp are often more marketing claims than scientific or even good sense.  Many even accelerate hair loss.

The skin and the scalp are body organs, actually the largest organ in the body. They absorb the chemicals that are applied to it, which can either have positive or negative effects.

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