Back IN STOCK! Download our Tips on Chemical Free Sunscreen

Download our Tips on Chemical Free Sunscreen and INFO on Good Day Sunshine Sunshield  .....HERE!

Kasia is BACK IN STOCK with a NEW LOOK as we  share our passion in our  chemical-free  and physical block sunscreen, which is called Good Day Sunshine.

In celebration of our latest honorable mention  in the below findings and SUMMER, we just.....ran, ran, out.....

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) recent study:

An evaluated 500 sunscreens and found only 8% to be acceptable, Kasia Good Day Sunshine was of that 8%!

So, we've decided to keep up our demand 'in house'  to better meet your needs!  We've had a BLAST SHIPPING across the U.S and we have appreciated your patience.

The lostion consists of  zinc oxide as well as antioxident to give the skin a natural glow, with no grease, and no discoleration. Good Day Sunshine is also PABA and fragrance free so it wont irrate skin or clog pores...and good for YOU, BABE AND  your BABIES!

DOWNLOAD more info on our 30 SPF Ingredient Deck and MORE

  • True broad-spectrum UVA/UVB protection

  • Safe for toddlers and children

  • Non-chemical sunscreen

  • Moisturizing and healing properties

  • PABA-free and fragrance-free

  • Light and smooth formulation ideal for daily use and can be applied under makeup

  • Formulated for skin sensitive to traditional sunblocks and post-treatment patients

  • Formulation of  5% zinc and 5% titanium

Why add the ingredients of GREEN TEA?

Numerous studies now show that green tea is a powerful antioxidant, especially used on the skin.  When applied topically,   green tea is highly capable of   assisting in skin damage reduction and sun radiation.  In short, green tea helps protect your skin’s cells by providing antioxidant protection.

  • FREE of chemical laden fragrances…NON-zero….zilch.

  • FREE of parabens (harsh chemical or any harsh preservatives)..

  • FREE of Xenoestrogens!

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