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The growing informed consumer is becoming aware of facts that previously went unnoticed such as the presence of Triclosan in anti-bacterial soaps, bisphenol-A in plastics and that air fresheners doused in phthalates.  These hazards are present in items that a person uses on a daily basis, but also harmful to health but also deplete the environment.

Soap nuts as a detergent

Soap nuts are actually not a nut at all; they are in fact a berry from trees that grow in particularly in India and Nepal.  Saponins are nature’s cleansing agents that act like soap when they come in contact with water. The saponins dissolves in the water and function as detergents. The soap nuts allow water to penetrate well into the fabric thereby washing and cleaning them. The dirt is attached to the surfactant which is then drained along with the water.

An Easy Win-Win

Simple to use, cost effective, safe and “YES!” they work. Think about it. The less that we expose ourselves to chemicals, the better off we are right?  If you stop and think about the quantity of products and environmental impact we have contact our skin everyday and the conglomerate of particles that we inhale, there is no doubt we are a walking chemical slew.

With the dramatic up-swing of allergies and disease, more people every day are becoming aware of and  notice the effects of the chemicals that we are exposed to (through no fault of our own).

Long term effects of chemicals in detergents and soaps…

  • Remain trapped in the clothes then create skin irritations and release harmful vapors
  • Detergents contain allergy causing enzymes and dermatitis.
  • Lung and heart problems can occur from the Sodium hypochlorite
  • Higher risk to develop breast/prostate cancer or infertility from the nonylphenoxy ethoxylates
  • Clothes wear out much faster
  • Sodium hypochlorite presents in the detergents cause lung irritation, respiratory reactions, and cardiovascular damage and damage your eye and skin.

Why you should use soap nuts

Extremely Economical and Cost Saver

  • They replace many products such as laundry softner, additives, and dryer sheets. Just look at the taxes alone you are saving from not having to buy so many products.

·      You save on water consumption and water softeners

·      They reduce clutter. With so many less products to buy no need for tons of storage.

·      They cut down on waste. With lots less products to buy, means less garbage to dispose of.

·      Safe for the environment and you. They are 100% biodegradable….non polluting……organic…non hypoallergenic…safe for septic systems

·      Easy to use: Can use them in their natural state, or grind them into a powder using a coffee grinder or blender. Store the whole nut, or the grindings in an air tight container.

Soap Nuts for Managing Eczema & Psoriasis

Instead of prescription medicine to manage your eczema and psoriasis, try using soap nuts liquid as it provides a completely natural and hypoallergenic laundry detergent with no chemicals for treatment. Soap nuts are so gentle on the skin that they can even be used for babies and people who develop allergies to commercially available washing products.

This is extremely helpful for people who suffer from skin disorders because many times the clothes that are being washed with conventional detergents or soaps can cause the skin condition to worsen. Soap nuts are a natural product and have a very mild and pleasant aroma. Using them as a laundry detergent instead of usual commercially available detergents is a very simple way of getting relief from these skin conditions.

How to use for Laundry, a little is a lot!

Fact:  A 1lb  bag of soap nuts hand packed in biodegradable packaging is highly capable of 160-200 loads of laundry!

1.         Put 5–6 Soap Nuts (about 1/2 oz.) into a ‘wash bag.’ 
         If desired, add in your favorite Essential Oil for extra 
         antimicrobial properties and scent.

2.         Toss bag in washing machine with dirty laundry.

3.         Reuse wash bag 4–7 times — or more. 
         (Note: Number of loads vary due to water temperature, hardness, washer type, duration of cycles, etc.)

So just how many soap nuts is enough?

Warm water causes the release of the saponin contained in the soap nuts, so base the amount according to the degree of soiling in the laundry items.

2 soap nuts for hot water, 4 for cold water or heavy staining,4-5 in hard water

(reuse soap nuts about 5 times then discard used shells in the compost bin)

Using as a liquid detergent
for everyday cleaning

Soap Nuts also are a safe replacement for many chemical-based, multi-purpose cleaners. Liquify the Soap Nuts and use the solution to clean windows, bathrooms, kitchens and floors. It can also serve as liquid hand soap, laundry soap for ultra delicates and shampoo.

“Liquid Soap Nut Soak” Recipe

1.  Bring four cups of water to a boil in a heavy sauce pan with a lid.
    2.  Turn off the heat and toss 6–8 Soap Nuts in the saucepan with 
the hot water.  
3.  Cover the sauce pan. Let it sit overnight.
    4. In the morning, remove and discard the remaining shells.
    5.     Pour the cooled liquid into a container with a lid. Give your Soap Nut Soak a scent of essential oils — lemon or tea tree oil for bathroom cleanser, lavender for cold water laundry loads, and sweet orange for dishwasher cleaning liquid.

This batch of Soap Nut Soak will 
wash at least 8 loads of laundry 
use 1/4 to 1/2 cup for each load).

For powdered soapnut crush the soapnuts in coffee grinder. Or boil soap nuts and strain the liquid then can be frozen in cubes and place in the muslin bag when needed.

Customize your Load by adding Quality Essential Oils

If you prefer a scent, you can some essential oil of choice to the soap nut wash bag before dropping it in the wash. The scent of the oil will remain. Alternately put the essential oil on a clean and absorbent cloth, and toss it in the dryer (like using a dryer sheet).

The perfect oils for the perfect scent

Give your Soap Nut Soak a scent of essential oils — 
lemon or tea tree oil for bathroom cleanser, 
lavender for cold water laundry loads, and 
sweet orange for dishwasher cleaning liquid.





Shampoo & conditioner

Clean, silky shiny hair, dandruff treatment

1 tsp. soap nut ground, mixed with a little water.

Body wash

Clean, healthy, soft soap free skin,

1 tsp. soap nut mixed with a little water.

Head Lice

Effectively kills lice and makes it easy to remove eggs

Same as shampoo

Dish Washing

Clean chemical free dishware

1 tsp. added to dish water


No soap residue, chemicals, less fading, no need for fabric softener

Small net bag with a 5-6 soap nuts in it

Jewelry Cleaner

Gold, silver sparkle again

Make a paste with 1 tsp ground soap nut, and water rub on and polish

All purpose cleaner

Floors, counters, almost any surface

Boil about 1/4c.soap nut shells in 2 c. water. let simmer for 10 mins.

Pet shampoo

Gentle leaves coat clean and shiny

Same as for shampoo


Natural garden pesticide

Mix one tsp, in 2c. water

Thank You, Mother  -Nature for soap nuts.

She has given us a healthier life style for our families!

Dramatically reduced our exposure to harmful chemicals!

Give back to the  environment after meeting our needs!

PLUS! Saved us a ton of money….

$21.95 for....up to 200 washes!

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