Out of Summer and INTO STYLE, Kasia Autumn Trends!

Plan for a warm forecast this autumn! We're not talking about the weather-we're talking haircolor. As the temperatures begin to drop, get ready to warm up with dark chocolate brunettes, deep mahogany redheads and golden blondes.

Schedule a Consultation and chat color and inspiration- as you get ready for autumn..and CHANGE, perhaps?

Step out of the eighties, we're heading back to the....

70's curls. Ponytails and high buns. and .....fringe.

With style focusing on braids and volume, getting the best hair colors for your skin toneholds importance.

Kasia Ammonia Free Color Lab

The newest hair color trends will make your new style pop and give you a "look at me" diva-feel.


Majority of guys and girls believe blonde tresses to be really sexy and attractive. No doubt about that, and probably that's because blonde hair also signifies sex appeal. There are many shades for blonde color tone like honey blonde, platinum blonde, strawberry blonde, light white, pale and golden blonde, etc.


The reason brown is so common is because it suits almost all skin tones and complexion. There are many shades for brown color tone like light chocolate brown, dark brown, light golden brown, light cool brown, etc. Almost all shades of brown can help you soften your persona and appearance.


The beauty of coloring your hair black is that it looks fantastic on both fair and tanned skin. The color brings out the eyes and can't really suit everyone. Although, beware, as black hair can also make your complexion go dull and lifeless (if chosen on wrong skin tone).


Innocence yet can be mysterious. It enhances overall features, makes the face look softer, and with slight glow. There are many shades for brown color tone like dark auburn, medium reddish blonde, light auburn, medium auburn, etc. Just think about Julia Roberts (oh, so gorgeous).


Leave summer with a STYLE!

1970's inspired flowing texture

Different from the waved hairstyle inspired by the 1940s, this flowing, textured, (and sometimes) waved hairstyle trend in 2010 relies instead on natural-looking waves that border on bed hair

As with straight and naturally styled long hair, flowing waves also work well when very long

Top Knot

Volume is key: teasing and hairspray will help create the look

Works well with hair that has some soft waves and texture to it

Long Plaited Braids

Great with any hair colour The fish plait is 2010's take on the simple pony tail

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Pictures: http://www.fashionising.com/trends/b--2010-hair-trends-womens-hairstyles-colors-cuts-2423.html

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