Is your hair DRY?

The most common cause of dry hair is nutritional deficiency, but may also be attributed by heat, an open cuticle, chemicals, and poor maintenance. Cheaper hair products that are harsh on hair also contribute to this condition, as they may strip away essential oils and nutrients required for overall scalp and hair health. Most chemicals in perms and relaxers may damage the hair follicle and overall look, as the hair becomes dry and brittle.

How To Detect

Dry hair lacks the oil and moisture it required to give it a shiny and soft texture. As a result, hair that is dry is brittle and dull and has a straw-like texture. Most people will experience dry hair at one point or another, either due to over-processing or exposing it to wind, sun and chlorinated swimming pools. All of these are considered external causes of this hair condition.

Chronic dry hair that comes from an internal source may be a sign of an underlying health problem. When conditioning treatments do not moisturize your hair, it may be time to seek medical advice as it can be an early sign of a more serious internal condition.

External Factors

  • Excessive washing and blow-drying, harsh detergents
  • Environmental dryness

Internal Sources

  • Hypothyroidism
  • Malnutrition
  • Hypoparathyroidism

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