A Short Window of Opportunity, Summer Bundle Savings!

As summer begins to wind down but the heat continues, come and cool down with the Kasia Team and re-examine what impact those summer days have done to your hair and skin.  Sadly my Informed Beauty, exposure to long hours in the sun and water can lead to a dry, dull appearance.

Trim up the ends, freshen the brassy over-toned color, and update your skin routine, all to make a significant difference in your hair and skin coming into the change of seasons.

Your Skin

Why book an appointment with Phanie,  our expert Esthetician?

*Studies show that 60% of people define their skin type and home care incorrectly.

Deep cleansing of the skin by a professional rids the skin of dirt, debris and environmental factors to allow your skin to maintain a healthy balance and enhance its ability to fight off disease and aging. It also enables the skin to better utilize the products applied for nourishment, protection and exfoliation.

Deeper penetration of products with professional equipment, techniques and products work to allow beneficial ingredients to penetrate deeper into the skin for greater results.

Professional facial massage dilates the vascular system, encouraging it to bring nutrients and moisture to the deeper layers of the skin and to remove waste and toxins produced during normal cell metabolism. This stimulation also brings a healthy glow to the skin that only a professional facial massage can produce.

Professional skin care products have a higher percentage of performance ingredients than over the counter products. OTC products need to be benign enough for use by the "masses."

Bundle BONUS!

Book your  Custom Organic Facial  and you will also receive:

+ Skin analysis

+ Skin care regimen recommendation

+ Free Brow Wax

Available upon request with this service:

$10 make-up application ($35-45 value)

**Must book make-up application when booking

Your Hair

Leave Summer with a STYLE!

Yes, you too  Sassy Momma' and Hunk of Dad -find time!

* Haircut & Style    $5 OFF!

* All Color Services by Jillian and Colette     $10.00 OFF!

* We LOVE the kiddos! Get a cut and color and your child's haircut is only $10

Don't start 'old school' habits of "procrastination"

.....Deal Ends  August  31st!

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