While you slumber..execute soft, wavy hair like Sarah Jessica Parker's!

The great thing about her look is you can get it while you sleep.

That's right.  By following a simple bedtime routine, your shut-eye can turn into some serious beauty sleep.

According to Deborah Dunham, creating great morning hair starts with a good cleansing the night before.

Tips to DIY!

1. Wash hair as you normally would  with your favorite Babo or Hamadi Shampoo!

2. Apply a rinse out conditioner.

3. Finish with a cool/cold water rinse.

4. Towel blot.

5. Apply leave-in conditioner, we recommend Hamadi's LEAVE IN, aside from Shea Spray, it is our TOP SELLER!

6. Apply and detangle with BABO to hair gently from the ends up to the roots.

7. Create desired part and/or fringe sections and arrange hair the way you normally wear it.

8. Allowing for where you wish to create waves, separate strands into individual 2" sections.

9. Gently twist hair into a clockwise direction until the hair is completely twisted (the tighter you twist, the tighter the resulting waves). You can also braid your hair or put it in a ballerina bun for a different wave pattern.

10. Tuck the end of the twisted strand under at the base of the twist and secure with elastics.

11. Go to bed and allow hair to dry naturally overnight.

12. The next morning, carefully remove the elastics.

13. Use fingers to pick out waves and arrange as desired (do not brush it or the waves will come out).

After waking, you only need to scrunch the curls into place with a bit  more  product. For those with a shorter, edgier, spikier style, it looks great with some product in it from the night before."

Try it! Creating your style overnight -- we could all use a few extra minutes before that alarm goes off!


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