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Natural Alternatives for a Wrinkle-free Complexion


by Kassie Kuehl Think organically! Natural alternatives to anti-aging, wrinkles, toxins and modalities as we uniquely age. One of the most difficult signs of aging to 'correct', wrinkles begin appearing on our faces in our 20s, and continue to deepen and multiply right through the rest of our lives. The fight against the innocent wrinkle has caused the rise of the Botox phenomenon ... but the insanity of injecting the world's most lethal disease into our body purposefully has given rise to the organic wrinkle-treatment ideology! If you like the idea of looking younger and healthier, but don't like the idea of paralyzing your face for it, read on. We examine the natural alternatives to Botox for a smooth, glowing, radiant complexion ... and for Beautiful Health. What planet do wrinkles come from? Unfortunately, we can't just send them back where they came from! Wrinkles are caused by several factors. Some of these are beyond our control, and some we can have an effect on. The following are the main causes of wrinkles:

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