Kasia Cool*Down Hair Rehab Tips!

The Kasia Team has been very busy with our Informed Beauty Bella's …repairing, moisturizing and color corrections from the  summer fade.

"Don't doubt the fact there's life within you. Yesterday's ending will tomorrow life give you. All that dies, dies for a reason, To put it's strength into the seasons.

Simple hair rehab tips!

1. Brush before you shampoo

Brush before you shampoo ad jump in the shower.  This action stimulates the scalp and promotes blood flow to deliver nutrients like oxygen to the hair follicle.  Brushing also reduces product buildup and scalp flakes.

2. Clarify the scalp and shaft!

Get  rid of build up from hard water and synthetics (silicon and petroleum are hidden in many hair care products …even Aveda).   Over time hard water can make hair look lackluster and impart a brassy hue to tresses. The damaging minerals can also make hair a tangle town mess - hard and difficult to be managed.

3. Moisture Me!

The  Kasia  team strongly suggests our custom professional deep conditioning treatment once a month. This is a great way to relax and keep your hair healthy and shiny in the cooler months. If this isn’t in their budget, we recommend our at home products:

Hamadi Moisturizing Mask

John Masters Dry Hair Nourishment & Defrizzer

(Apply the product to clean, damp hair. Leave on for 5-10 minutes and rinse out.)

4. Air dry!

We encourage our clients to try and let their hair dry slightly before blowing it completely dry. The less hot air they infuse into their locks with the drier, the more moisture they will seal in from their shampoo and conditioning products.

5.  Keep frizz away.

Frizzy hair is one of the worst things about the  approaching cool weather dryness (think static cling, hat hair…ect.) Kasia’s upcoming shampoo and conditioner launch will have ingredients to help  ‘tame the frizz,” but in the meantime….try Shine On from John Masters or Hamadi Shea Spray, an anti-frizz and moisture protector that is applied to towel-dried, damp hair.

Beautiful Health Nutrition

We are what we eat.  The same rules apply for the health of the hair. Adequate amounts of protein and minerals can make a huge difference in the overall appearance of hair and skin


Our Kasia Skin Care “enMoist” moisturizer delivers  the proper nutrition in direct antioxidants of Vitamins A and C, and E which are essential to maintaining stability, protection, building block, and more.


Add dark green leafy vegetables have both vitamin A and C and also provide you with calcium and iron too. Beans are not only good for the heart, but promote hair growth with a punch of protein. 3 or more cups of legumes a week is recommended.

Other excellent sources of protein include nuts, poultry, and eggs. Create your plate!

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